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FNIS Sexy Move Alternative that works with Devious Devices?

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Pretty much just the title. Is there a way to get Sexy Move to work with/is there an alternative that'll work with Devious Devices? Playing through the quests of Laura's Bondage Shop and when a yoke was put on my character the animations wouldn't work until I removed FNIS Sexy Move.

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36 minutes ago, alm1 said:

For others that may want to solve the issues between DD and FNIS Sexy Move, there is a way without patch:

If you mean this:


"SOLUTION: I used FNIS Sexy move to change the "sexiness" of walk & run animations, and then changed it back. This worked and seems to be a permanent fix. As for my follower with the problem, I simply opened the console -> clicked the NPC -> entered "disable" command -> "enable" command. No other NPCs seem to have this issue."


I used the 'Refresh all PCEA2 animations now' toggle in PCEA2 when I had the opposite problem with my character acting as if she was wearing a yoke when she wasn't.

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