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Can rapists be celebrities?

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6 hours ago, DashMeUp said:

Sim can't gain celebrity points, has no celebrity journal.  Opt out is not ticked.  Is it cause he's a rapist?


Did you check the 'accrued' points using master controller? The journal won't appear till the Sim gets their first star. You can impress a celebrity by not only talking about your own skills, etc. but by talking about their skills as well. Befriending a celebrity and then doing a lot of socializing with them is the easiest way to gain points. Using master controller to get an insight into a celebrities skills will help you test your game.


I'm not aware of any issue with a conflict between having the rapist trait and acquiring celebrity points. I assume that's what you mean by 'he's a rapist'. One can be mean or evil and be successful in rape. The trait just make autonomous raping happen easily.


>>>If you think there's an issue, do a test. Use MC to add a celebrity level (1 star). Then check the celebrity points using MC - ignore the bar in the journal. Socialize with another celebrity - check the points after.......  This will definitively tell you what kind of progress you're making.

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