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UV mapping problem?


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I'm trying to find some help from the experts on this forum.  I've downloaded vagina.rar from one of this forum threads. I'm not into that look of the female body, so I opened it in Nifskope, copied the vagina and its two bones and pasted them into HGEC femalelowerbody.nif (and some other lower body armor parts).  I've tested the new files into the game.  The game works fine (it doesn't crashes), but every female using this "improved" lower body, has a long brown beam or triangle plane starting from their crotch and  extending the whole width of the screen.  I don't really know what I'm doing, so I assume that the UV maps for the vagina don't exactly match the HGEC body.  I don't know how to fix it, but I'd be willing to try, if I get some instructions or I'm pointed to a good tutorial.  Here's a link to a screen shot of what I'm talking about:



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Check that your main skeleton.nif has the two bones that the vagina needs.  If the bones don't exist in it then that could be the problem.  Also you need to check the texture paths for the modified HGEC femalelowerbody.nif to make sure they are all pointing at a texture that does exist.

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Naturally Greg is right in that it is a skeleton issue. The UV map is governing only the placement and 'wrapping' of a texture while such a distortion is a mesh problem.


The mentioned nodes are the 'Op3' bones that are actually additional nipple nodes but are mostly used for the bouncing butt system. Now this could be the very reason it did crash my game when I tried out this mesh. While I'm typing this I paste the pussy into the current 'New Manga' lower body I'm using. Done. Looks good in NifSkope.


You did use the 'Copy Branch' function instead of 'Copy'? Did paste it into 'Scene Root'? Probably yes, otherwise it wouldn't show up in the game at all... That skeleton you have installed - is it Growlf's 'Universal Skeleton.nif', the controllable version (not the total controllable one!)?


The vagina has its own texture in the 'Imperial\Female' folder. I did correct a little issue before re-posting the archive, originally it's in a folder named 'ImperialS'. Now I'll check if it's working in the game. Made a slight edit to the normal map by brightening the alpha channel so the vagina looks wet.


The result:





Wahooo! It's working!! Helllloooo nurse!

No CTD, no distortion. I just used an incompatible lower body on my first half-assed try.

If I can do it so can you. I might fiddle around with the texture some more.


Luv that cute prominent little asshole.



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Thanks for your quck answers guys!  I didn't install any special skeleton.nif, so I assume I'm using the vanilla, since I did not see a skeleton file in the HGEC package.  

The textures path shown in Nifskope is textures\characters\imperial\female\vag.dds and I just placed the vag.dds and vag_n.dds in that folder.  It shows fine in the game. Actually kudos to the original creator, because it is SOO life like!!  It actually opens and closes like a real one!


So, if it's a skeleton problem, how am I going to fix this?




Yeeesss!  By installing Growlf Universal Skeleton (the Controllable version), the problem is fixed!!!  Thank you very much poontank for pointing me in the right direction!!

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You need to get a skeleton that actually contains said bones. Most likely in the same place where you downloaded the files, theres gotta be a skeleton for it, check the thread again and pay attention, its unseemly that anyone would release a file without expressing the requirements


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Thanks for the links!  I had already downloaded from Nexusmods before I've seen your last reply, but you're sooo... nice anyway!  So, what did you do in Nifskope for the wet look?



Thanks for the tip elalquimista, but there was no skeleton file in the vagina.rar I've downloaded!  Not that I'm complaining about.  This is so cool it should be attached to all Oblivion female body replacers!  I wonder how hard could be to port it to a Skyrim body, like CBBE?

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The wet look is a combination of NifSkope gloss settings to the maximum and a texture edit. As for the first, here is a picture:






You need to expand the vagina's branch in the block list on the left and click on the tiny palette icon to bring up the material properties. Then you can change the numerical parameter for glossiness to 1000 in the block details at the bottom. If there are no block details, press F3 to make them appear.


The texture edit is just opening the normal map in Photoshop or GIMP with the DDS plugin installed and then brightening the alpha channel to almost white. But here is the edited file I just made:


Vagina Glossy Normal Map.rar


If you don't want the glossy look for the whole pasted mesh element forget about the NifSkope edit and just use the texture. I'm editing every skin part of any body and piece of equipment to have 1000 gloss as I love that shine of the skin.

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Oh, so what you did in Nifskope is to pull the Glossiness slider all the way to the right?  Thank you for the last file!  Now, if you can tell me from what poses package you got the pose you posted above, you'll really make my day! :)

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Actually, just moving the slider to the right results in a glossiness of 'only' 100.

Changing the numerical value to 1000 (or 9001 if you like, but not over 10 000!) is giving a visible extra gloss.


The pose is 'Manguri 01' from the category 'Sexual Poses 01' in 'CTAddPose BS1'. Coincidentally I have posted this mod yesterday here.


Now have a wonderful day! I'm happy my Kitty finally has a detailed vagina.

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Guys, I've run into trouble, again, with this pussy!  :)  I'm trying to add a pubic hair mesh from "HGEC Fighter Growing Pubic Hair" to the female lower body mesh, which already has the 3D vagina.  In Nifskope, the pubic hair mesh shows on top of the vagina mesh, but In Oblivion, the vagina mesh is on top.  I've tried to change the order of the blocks in Nifskope, using the block Move Up context menu option, but it didn't help.  Can I get any support with this please?  I've never worked in any 3D applications (except Nifskope, where I'm a noobie).  Below are two pics showing what I'm talking about:





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NifScope only reproduces the data as defined in the Nif file faithfully.
A coordinated result is displayed in the game.
Is the tex tea of the different lower part of the body not applied?
I suggest that I check it by a method of either following.
-You can check Patch file using Tes4Edit.
-You can check texture applied using SetDebugText.
When you use SetDebugText, you can know whether right texture is used.
When you use Tes4Edit, you can know the cause.


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Thank you for your answer perfectioncat!. What "Patch file" should I check with Tes4Edit? The textures are the correct ones, since there aren't any others (one for the pussy, one for the pubic hair). I need to know if there is a way, using Nifskope (or Blender?) to arrange the stacking order of the two overlapping meshes. 

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texture to use for every race is different.
You should check texture of applicable race set in patch.
When it is not right, you must look for mod appointing wrong texture from a list.
Because it overwrites in wrong texture, you replace order and must set texture definitely.
This is a general method.
Because I do not use MOD, I do not know whether this method is appropriate.


The explanation of setdebugtext refers to the following sites.



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Thanks again for your replies. You obviously give my knowledge about this stuff, more credit than I deserve. You keep mentioning a "patch". WHAT patch?  


In the example screen shot, the NPC is a female Imperial Watch wearing the default legion armor from Colourwheels Sexy Oblivion, without the skirt (which I removed).  What has race to do with wrong overlapping of the two textures? She's an Imperial.  I've modified the greaves and the cuirass for Imperial legion female by adding the two meshes. Since both textures are displayed in the game (though overlapping in wrong order), it means the correct ones are used.  The wrong overlapping happens for ANY armor where I add the two meshes, regardless of the NPC's race. It is also shown in the Construction  Set (see pic below).




Typing TDT just brings four lines of text in the top right corner, but there is no information there about textures, even though in the article you pointed to, it mentions somewhere at the bottom, details about textures.


What is MOD?



Do you mean by patch the Colourwheels Sexy Oblivion esp? If that's the case, I should add that the wrong overlapping happens in the vanilla game as well, without any mods enabled. Please see below two examples of Captain Renault, wearing the blades cuirass, greaves and boots, with Colourwheels Sexy Oblivion enabled and in the vanilla game.





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NifSkope noob here, sorry. Been meaning to learn more about it, and this thread seemed to indicate an interesting and simple place to start (my previous triumphs consisted solely of removing parts of clothing I didn't want there).


I opened femalelowerbody.nif, and did a 'copy branch' on the part labeled 'genital', then tried to do a 'paste branch' into Scene Root of a HGEC femalelowebody_S. I get an error dialog 'failed to map parent link NiNode|Bip01 L Op3'. Anyone have time to tell me what elementary error I'm making?


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That makes sense, tyvm. Will play around with this a bit, but can see my next stupid question is going to be something about renumbering the nodes. If I use the 'move up' option on the nodes I've pasted in, to get them in the same position in the list as the source, the nodes between my starting position and new position become reversed in numerical order, but not in their position in the list. I assume this isn't good?


Feel free to tell me to go and read a tutorial, btw :)


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I try to avoid messing around with the nodes because I'm too lazy to really read up on using them. Pretending to be' too busy' for that.


But it might well be that I did copy and paste the Op3 nodes, back when I tried to make use of the vagina mesh for the first time. Because I clearly remember I didn't get the error message when pasting the vagina. Sometimes simply pasting nodes can make the game crash like it did for me.


That's why I recommend using the lower body Fejeena posted as the base instead, it has the needed working nodes already included.

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I did just try pasting the branch into the body Fejeena provided (have to say it in that slightly convoluted way rather than 'pasting into Fejeena's body ;) ), and it did it, but there was a warning '"infinite recursive link construct detected 28 -> 20". I guessed this was referring to the node numbers, and started trying to put them in the original sequence.


Oh, forgot to mention that it does show up correctly, despite the warning, so ty again for the help.

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The warning is unimportant. After you paste the vagina Branche in the lowerbody click Spells/ Sanitize/ Reorder Blocks and Spells/ Sanitize/ Adjust Link Arrays and Spells/ Optimize/ Combine Properties. Then save the nif.

No need to renumber, move up or move down anything. NifScope automatically sorted it

Actually only the Spells/ Optimize/ Combine Properties is necessary, NifScope reorders the blocks when you save the nif.

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