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I installed legacy version few days ago. I reinstalled all mods again in a new folder, and everything was supposed to b fine, but every single time I want to start playing the game goes back to choosing worlds. I can create whole family, choose the house for them, etc. But when I click 'play' it goes back again. The game sees that I have a family there but from this point I can't choose anything - it will always go back to choosing a world... I tried everything, I updated every single file I had, but it's not working. The only way that I can play is to delete whickedwhims and all the files that are connected to it. I can still have clothes and hairstyles  and etc. 

Any ideas how to fix it?


EDIT. I have found few exception files, this two are the newest, idk what to do with it xd


lastException.txt Sims4CommunityLib_Exceptions.txt

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If you're playing Legacy Edition, you have to carefully read mod requirements and maybe take a look at troubleshooting sections, too. A lot of script mods do not work with Legacy, e.g. Basemental Drugs and Nisa's Wicked Perversions, while others have special versions aimed at Legacy players, e.g. MC Command Center. Anything that requires game version 1.59 or above (or whatever the Discover University patch was) will generally not work with Legacy.

Some older versions of these mods might work with Legacy, though, but I don't know for sure.

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