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Searching for a mod of Resident Evil 2 remake


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Thanks for your response!

But,I search the outfit mod.
This outfit mod is not created by alphaZomega and MarcosRC.
I'm sure alphaZomega created Ada swap mod and MarcosRC created Shrek as MR.X in the pictures related to Youtube(Resident Evil 2 Remake Ada Special Mini B Police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EYrJvwNtVY&t=78s).

Anyone,please give me more information about the outfit mod!

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hallo could help me out with this mod too, i downloaded it , went into the mods rar removed pl1050 and pl1070 and it does load the mod ....is there a way to do it right? enabling it from fluffy manager but it want work default normal clairs outfit .....plz help me out how you made it work

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