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KSHair For Sexlab Survival SE

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This mod provides KS Hairdos for NPCs added by Sexlab Survival Special Edition.


This mod also applies several other fixes to NPC head meshes - a similar set of fixes as Vanilla NPCs SSE Ruhmastered by Ruhadre.




This mod has only one requirement, Sexlab Survival SE.


This mod does not require KS Hairdos. This mod includes copies of all the textures from KS Hairdos that it uses.


Load Order Placement

This mod includes one ESL-flagged ESP file KSHairForSLS.esp, which should be listed in your load order immediately after SL Survival.esp.




This mod is designed for maximum compatibility with your load order and with other mods.


This mod includes an ESL-flagged ESP file, for minimal impact on your load order slots.


The ESP file is empty, meaning it contains zero records. The ESP file only serves to load the corresponding BSA file, and to indicate that this mod depends on Sexlab Survival SE.


This mod is compatible with KS Hairdos, but does not require KS Hairdos. This mod includes copies of all the textures from KS Hairdos that it uses, packaged into a BSA file.


This mod is compatible with any texture replacers for KS Hairdos, such as Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos SE. This mod uses the same texture file paths as KS Hairdos, so any mod that replaces textures for KS Hairdos will also affect this mod.



Other Recommended Mods

This mod does not change the hairstyles of city and hold guards. Use another mod of mine, KSHair For All Vanilla NPCs, to give KS Hairdos to the guards.


In order to see new hairstyles on vanilla NPCs, you may want to install another mod that removes NPC headgear. Another mod of mine, Vanilla NPCs Without Headgear ESL, is a good choice to use in a new game. (Already-spawned vanilla NPCs will continue to wear the headgear that they were already wearing.)



All credit for Sexlab Survival SE belongs to its creator Monoman1 and converter nomkaz.


This mod would not be possible without the amazing contributions of other mod authors to the community.


The following mods and tools were used in the construction of this mod, but are not required to use this mod. If you like this mod, please download these other mods and endorse them also, to let their authors know their work is appreciated.


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
SUEMR SSE with Bijin AIO 2019 Support
Eyes AO Clipping Fix
ENB Brow Fix
Just Fangs From BVFE - Modder's Resource
Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes
Double Sided Vertex Human Mouth Fix SSE
KS Hairdos SSE
KS Hairdos Maine Normal Map Fix
KSHair FaceGen Export Rig - Modder's Resource
BSArch to create BSA files

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    Sexlab Survival Special Edition
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