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  1. I have been using the SE version of SLaVE and it has been working well for me. I can report that Nocturnal arrives instantly when I shout. I am having a lot of fun shouting to summon Nocturnal so she can fight my enemies.
  2. I often have the Slut deal and Piercings deal both maxed, so leaving my character naked all the time. I use an enchanted ring that boosts my stats so I don't die all the time at low levels.
  3. No, it does not necessarily indicate a lack of quality standards. For small and simple mods, there is typically no harm in opening the ESP file in 64-bit CK and resaving it to convert form 43 to 44. But for large complex mods, opening the ESP file in 64-bit CK and resaving it can actually break things in the ESP and thereby reduce quality. It can be preferable, and produce higher quality, to leave the ESP in form 43 and use SSEEdit to fix specific known issues like waterflow. (Please note that I said "can be" rather than "is always".)
  4. @Lupine00 Good news! While testing 2.14.0 preview #3, I always got the correct line of dialogue to match the deal that I accepted. Yay!
  5. Here is how I configure SexLab Aroused's MCM in order to avoid frustration... On the left side of the Settings page, uncheck Require naked actors to change arousal On the right side of the Settings page under Arousal: set Default Exposure Rate = 10.0 set Decay Rate = 0.0
  6. At least on SE, the AddItemMenu search function works great and is very fast, even on my load order of hundreds of ESP files and ESL-flagged ESP files.
  7. Yes, this is a known issue. If the MCM Creature Content box is checked but you cannot fondle a horse, then uncheck the Creature Content box, back out of the MCM, then check the Creature Content box. When you save SLS settings, and then reload them later in a different game, the Creature Content box setting appears to be saved and loaded, but the Creature Content is not actually activated. You need to uncheck the Creature Content box, back out of the MCM, then check the Creature Content box.
  8. I have only seen that particular problem happen once. Luckily, I had saved shortly before that problem. Exiting the game and loading the save avoided the problem the next time for me.
  9. Did you ask on Botox's comment section on Nexus? That might be a better place to get an answer to this issue.
  10. That is a bondage escape room, and is used for a bondage escape game. You can talk to the inn employee NPC near the door to that room and ask to play that game.
  11. It is not really a "prison" inside the inn. The cell containing bondage furniture is for consensual bondage play. You have to speak to the appropriate inn employee NPC to initiate the bondage furniture play inside the cell. Then your player character will be locked in bondage furniture and you can struggle to try and escape the furniture.
  12. @Lupine00 Sorry, not good news. Tested 2.14.0 preview #2 and accepted 9 classic deals, but got the actual deal dialogue only once. Got the "extend" dialogue for 8 of 9 deals accepted. This testing was done with Papyrus logging turned off.
  13. Hi @Lupine00 Testing with the 2.14.0 preview and Papyrus logging turned on. It took than usual longer to reproduce the problem, but I was able to. Normally, I see the incorrect "extend" dialogue for about 80-90% of accepted deals. In this case, I got the correct dialogue for about 10 or 11 accepted deals before getting incorrect dialogue. Perhaps the problem is timing-related, as you speculated earlier. I was only testing with Classic deals enabled, and Modular deals count was set to zero. The very last deal accepted in the Papyrus log was the co
  14. Public Whore provides an SE version from its main mod page. I have successfully tested the SE version on SE.
  15. Does this version require a new game? Or will it work okay to upgrade from a game with DFC 2.13.5 ?
  16. That is strange. In my experience, AddItemMenu is great! I have been using it for years without any problems.
  17. That sounds extremely like you have an old ESP, or an updated game that once had an old ESP in it. But if that's not the case, I think it's safe to say the SE ESP is full of nonsense. I know it sounds like a silly question, but you don't have some old copy of the mod that you forgot about, that is performing a partial overwrite on your new install? It happens surprisingly easily in a big MO setup, where you've had patches and other things, and lots of profiles, sometimes an old install ends up left in by mistake, buried down at the bottom of the
  18. Yes, some folks dislike Sexlab Defeat, but I'm not sure why. I have used Sexlab Defeat SSE 5.3.5 for years, and it works very well for me. Never causes me any trouble, even doing a full chain-rape dungeon from beginning to end.
  19. I have the same problem. I am using version 1.0.1 on SE. I also ran FNIS. I have triggered punishment a few different ways -- complain to Thane, not fill quota, repeatedly wear clothes -- and every time I am teleported to the Torture Room and put on the X-Cross, then the Torturer says his initial line of dialogue and just stands there indefinitely without doing anything.
  20. Why does this mod need to modify Zaz? That seems problematic. If this mod has new animations, then this mod could provide its own SLAL mini-pack, like Devious Followers Continued does with its DF Spank SLAL mini-pack. @Visio Diaboli If that is needed, I can help. (I made a SLAL mini-pack for vampire feeding.)
  21. One of the events of Prison Overhaul Patched (POP) is similar to this idea -- the POP jailer locks the player character in bondage furniture (pillory, x-cross, etc.) in a public part of town and the citizens can fuck the player character.
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