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Doesnt work

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Looks to me like it's broken CC, given the huge number of error messages in "LastException.txt".

I'd recommend you remove everything except WickedWhims from your Mods folder (cut and paste it somewhere else on your computer), delete "localthumbcache.package" found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4" and then start the game. The game might tell you about missing stuff, but everything should work fine - if it doesn't, re-download WW.

Now you put your mods back into the Mods folder, either a few at a time or using the 50/50 method (half of what's left is added every iteration), checking whether everything still works between two additions. Once the issue pops up again, you'll know that the culprit (or at least one of them) was in the bunch you just added. For every mod that causes you problems, look for updates and if there are none, delete the mod from your files.

Also note that, if you're playing TS4 Legacy Edition, some mods (like "Basemental Drugs" or "Nisa's Wicked Perversions") won't work.

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Well, if you installed the game update, mods are disabled (this happens every time the game updates). Go into the game's settings and check the two boxes for custom content and script mods found in the "Other" category. Both checkboxes need to be enabled in order for all of your mods to show up an work properly.

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On 4/7/2020 at 8:44 AM, mbrendon said:

Hello , 


i have downloaded the whicked whims mod and the game was working perfectly without it . However , when i added the mods and turned the game on and off , now it doesnt even enter the family it is just going back to the main menu and the warning is showing up . 


Please, help)

lastException.txt 1.58 MB · 5 downloads WickedWhims_v153a_Exception.txt 2.22 kB · 1 download

You're using Legacy edition of the game. Most mods won't work with that version of the game.

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