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House of Desire - Stripclub

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House of Desire - Stripclub

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For Support:

Please do not send PM's or use my Profile to contact me for Support! Use the Support-Thread!

- I have not the Time to show everytime in here. Maybe I am multiple days not on the computer and you are waiting for some days.

- If you contact me directly with PM, no one other can help you who knows the answer. Maybe someone other can help you a lot faster then me.

Languages for Questions & Support: German or English. All other languages will be ignored by me. Othere users are free to answer this Questions.



Lotsize: 30x20 (in my Game it replaces the "Pan Europa" in Windenburg)

Price: around 600.000 Simoleons (1.0)


What is the "House of Desire"?

"House of Desire" is a Stripclub with basic Brothel-Features (Just 2 Bedrooms). You can use it as a "Early Midgame-Stripclub", to increase your Money for the "Heaven - The Dungeon Mansion" or "Palace of Pleasure" or simply for lower Systems, which can not handle the PoP or HDM.


It has 2 Floors:

1 Overground-Floors

- First floor: Main Stripclub-Area with Bars, Areas for Private Dancing, Dancing-Poles, Dancing on the Bar and Table-Dance (only the Center Table in front of the Main-Stage).

1 Underground-Floor: Service Area for the Prostitutes with 2 Bedrooms, The office of the Owner, Toilets and a Treasure-Room with 4 Safes.




The Stripclub is created with:

Latest "The Sims 4" Update (Do NOT ask me to make this compatible with older Versions!)


Used Gamepacks (German & English names):



- Werde berühmt / Get Feamous

- Jahreszeiten / Seasons

- Großstadtleben / City Living

- Zeit für Freunde / Get Together

- An die Arbeit / Get to Work

- Dschungel-Abenteuer / Jungle Adventure

- Vampire / Vampires

- Gaumenfreuden / Dine Out

- Wellness-Tag / Spa Day

- Outdoor-Leben / Outdoor Retreat

- Bowling-Abend-Accessoires / Bowling Night Stuff

- Vintage Glamour-Accessoires / Vintage Glamour Stuff

- Kinderzimmer-Accessoires / Kids Room Stuff

- Luxus-Party-Accessoires / Luxury Party Stuff



Additional Mod & CC Requirements (credits goes to all of this amazing creators!:


If you are already using my other Stripclubs (HDM & PoP), you will already have everything you need!



- WickedWhims - by Turbodriver (There are 2 Ways to run this Club. See description below. Way one is for is for WW-Patreon Users, the other Way is for WW-Public Users)

- NisaK's Wicked Perversion Patreon or Public - by NisaK.

- Dresscode Lot Trait - by LittleMsSam

- bb.moveobjects 


Functional Furniture (and maybe used for Animations):

Modern Kitchen Stuff-Pack - by Littledica

H&B Powerwave Stove - by Littledica

H&B Macrowave Microwave Oven - by Littledica

H&B Aquavortex Dishwasher - by Littledica

H&B Probar Coffee Maker - by Littledica

H&B Probrew Tea Brewer - by Littledica

NanoCan Touchless Trash Can 79 Recolours - Solid Colours Added! - by Simmiller

Zoraks Workshow

Sectional Living - by Adonispluto

SexTreme Statues - by Azmodan22



Not all SextremeStatues on the Screenshots are public at moment. Some of them are in early Acces on Azmodan22's Patreon:


For Base-Building only (No Decoration or Furniture):

Foundation 03 - by Neferu

Neon Signs for Adult Story - by Noiranddarksims

Neon Signs for Stripper Club by Noiranddarksims

Neon-Signs - by Novvas 

Hot N' Wet Nightclub Pack -by MrBASins

Walls and Floors for Screenshots and Videos


Just Decoration:

TS4 Sex Toy Clutter Set - by Noiranddarksims

Stack of Hentai porn DVD's

BDSM Wide Pics

BDSM Posters

Fog, Laser and Star-Emitter by Revyrei

Sex Doll Maria - by noiranddarksims

Ebonix | MAC Make Up Case

Paintings by Azmodan22

Miranda Vanity Wall Stickers


If I have forget anything, please send me a message or post it in this Thread. Your Folder should include everything on the second Screenshot above.


No Hard-Requirement but really nice or helpfull Mods:

Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims by LittleMsSam - prevents your employes to enter rooms they should not.

Cinerotique TV

Airplane Randy's Porn Channel

Gender & More - Custom Lot-Traits - Disallow specific groups to enter your club.

Start Life the easy way - to have more then max. 9.999.999 Simoleons.

Simrealist National Bank - Same as "Start Life the easy way" but another way.






- Put all Mods and CC you have Downloaded (including the Heaven Sign you have downloaded here) in your Mod Folder. Make sure that you have downloaded everything i have linked. Note for Updates: The newest CC after updates will always be the last in the specific lists.

- Put all Files in the Zipfile you have downloaded here to the Tray Folder

- IMPORTANT: Activate the CC Checkboxes in Gallery and your Settings!

- Place the Club on a 40x30 Lot (My recommendation is the Place on one of the Screenshots. It is the position of the Museum in Del Sol Valley)




Now there are 2 Ways to run this Club as your own (BOTH ways need the "Get to Work" Expansion!):


Running the Stripclub as WW Patreon user (WW-Stripclub-Way):


I suggest you to read this!


- If everything is ok, you should be able to buy it with the Option "Buy a Stripclub" on your phone in the Household-Section.

- After you purchased the Club, you need to design outfits (up to 5), hire employees (this can be every sim in your game, including family members. If you have the Patreon Version without patch, you can only hire "young Adult" or older. If you use the Patch on Loverslab, you can hire Teens too.) and assign the outfits to the employees. Also, you need to assign seats for lapdances.

- Every employee (including npc's), which is registrered to the Lost Eden Network by Wicked Perversion will offer some "Extra-Services". That means they offer Sex for Money. This works fully autonomic, so you don't need to manage anything.

- My full personal Setup you can see in the Description below. 

- Then you should lock the doors to the backstage area and only allow your dancers and Household to access to this area.

- I have placed barriers (the black lines on the Ground) at the bars too. Lock them for clients, so they can not go behind the bars. You need the Lock doors Mod by LMS to do this.

Another Barrier is placed upstairs to the Brothel Area. Lock them for your Employees so they are more focused to do their work. Specificly the Massage-Area will cause them to ignore their work.

- press shift+click on the ground in the club. Then click WickedWhims and disable the floor for Sex autonomy. This prevents the most clippings during Sex-Scenes.

- At the Bar, you can set the markup and buy supplys for your drinks.

- With the "ww.commands" cheat you will get a full list of all commands in ww. There is something like higher the limit of employees (max 12 Employees) and other stuff but be carefull here.

- Disable the Spot Dance "Sexy Kitty" by Lupobianco (looks weird on Bars and Tables)

If all other Settings are done, Set the Opening Hours with your Phone.

It will open/close autonomic between the Hours you have set.



Do NOT use with Entrance Fee by LittleMsSam! This will cause Errors!

The Mod can be installed for other Lots but do not add the Trait to a WW Stripclub!


My personal Employee-Setting for this Club:

- One Household with 1 Men and 7 Girls and an additional Household with 8 Girls (I have multiple clubs), which i use as NPC-Employees.

- The number of Employees is set to 12 (use ww.commands Cheat to see how to do this)

- The Men is the Owner of the Club,

- 6 of my Girls are Employees in my Club. The last one is the spouse of the owner, which is not an employee.

- 2 of the girls + my Spouse are registrered to the Lost Eden Network. The other 4 Girls and the 5 NPC's are Dancers only.

- The other 8 Employees are NPC's I have created for this. They will autonomic serve clients or dance on the poles)



Running the Stripclub as WW Public user (LMS-Way):



Additional Requirements for this way:

WickedWhims Public - Basic!

NisaK. Wicked Perversion (public or patreon doesm't matter but patreon will work a little bit better) - Gives you the possibility to offer Sex or Lapdances for Money,

More Buyable Venues - by LittleMsSam

Entrance Fee - For earning Money for every Visitor of the Club. Do NOT use this, if you use the WW-Way!

Auto Employee - For Barkeepers, DJ's and Bouncers spawning in your Club. If you don't use this, you need to manage everything by yourself!


Buying and running the Club after Installation:

- Open Build-Mode

- Change the Lot-Type to "Own Nightclub"

- Give it the Lot-Traits "Auto Employee" & "Entrance Fee"

- Load your Family

- Go to a Computer and there you can find in the Household-Section the Option "Buyable Venues"

- Choose the Option "Own Nightclub" and buy this club.

- On the Door you can find 2 Options: one to open/close the Club and another to activate Auto-Employee's

- Strippers and Prostitutes needs to be all on your Household by using the Club this way.

- Make Members (can be all) of your Household being prostitutes by using your Phone.

- Use Azmodan Animations to make Poledance possible. The Animations are available in Teasing-Section by clicking on the Pole.

- Your Prostitutes will sometimes be solicited autonomic by Clients. If the Clients want to be teased, you can give them a Lapdance on the Seats by using one of this animations in the Teasing-Section.

- If they want Foreplay (Footjob or Handjob), Oral, Vaginal or Anal, serve them this way.

- You can offer yourself to clients manually by talking to them and use the Option "Offer Body" in "Ho Control".


FAQ & Troubleshooting:



Q: "My Club is not looking like on the Screenshots. Many Objects are missing!"

A: Make sure that you have all listed Game-Packs and every Part of the listed CC! Remember that only cars with animations are listed.

Q: "I can not find CC "XY", can you help me?"

A: Please ask in the support-Thread first and do not PM me! The reason is, i do not look over here every day and maybe someone knows faster.

Q: "Why don't you use the Toilet-Cabines from Discover University?"

A: Really simple: They wasting space! on the space they need i can place 2 selfmade Toilet-Cabines!

Q: "Will you create Animations for the Furniture in your Club?"

A: NO! I am not an Animator or CC Creator. I only use creations from other Creators to build my Lots or Sims.

Q: "Your Mod is outdated! Can you update?"

A: This is not a Mod, it is a Lot! The Lot itself can not be outdated. Only the used CC can be. If this happend, you can try the following things:

- Download Sims4Studio (latest Version) and try to use Batch Fixes to your Mod-Folder.

- Find and delete CC, It will be removed from the Lot when you load your Game next time.

- Look for updates for your CC.

Q: "I have low DPS, can someone help?"

A: There are multiple reasons, why this could be happen. You can try the following things:

1. Make your, you are using the right TS4.exe. For 32bit Systems, use the Legacy Edition. For 64bit Systems use the TS4_64.exe

2. Go to your Sims 4 Folder in Documents (Where your Mods, Save and Tray Folder is located) and open the config.log. Look at the line "Texture Memory" and remember the Value. After this, go to the location of your Game Exe (in my game it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Game\Bin). Now open the GraphicsRules.sgr with notepad. Look for the line "seti textureMemory" and make sure this value is matched with the Texture Memory Line in your Config.log file. If not, match it. 

3. Lower your Graphic-Settings





All my WW-Stripclub Projects:

Titty Twister - A original Maxis Bar rebuilt to a Starter Stripclub + Brothel for around 50.000 Simoleons - Comming soon!

Shack of Love - Starter/Early Midgame Stripclub (20x20) without Brothel Functionality for around 270.000 Simoleons - Released!

House of Desire - Early Midgame Stripclub and light Brothel (Just 2 Bedrooms) for 600.000 Simoleons. - Released!

Palace of Pleasure (Rebuilt) - Midgame-Stripclub and Brothel with Bedrooms and BDSM Dungeon. Currently 1.200.000 Simoleons. - Released!

Heaven - The Dungeon Mansion - Endgame Stripclub and Brothel with many themed Service-Rooms like Bedrooms, BDSM-Area, Private Living Area and many more for 5.000.000+ Simoleons. - Released!



Requests to Modders and Animators:

- A Mod that automaticly turns on the Stereo at the DJ Booth if there is no DJ playing. I am tired to change everytime to Stereo manually when the DJ is leaving.

- A Mod that makes Clients using the Waiter-Station to put away there Glasses.

- Animations for everything i have placed in this Club. Specialy more for the BDSM Section or Sex on Cars would be nice.


Ideas and Suggestions welcome!

I am permanently looking for new Ideas for the Club. If you have one (or more), let me know in the Support-Thread.



I will never hide my work behind a Paywall, but if you like my Work, please support me on:




Don't wanna make a monthly payment but Interested in Star Citizen?


You can use my Referal Code: STAR-Z9X5-C3BM


by registration on:




You will start with 6000 UEC (the Money in this game) instead of the normal 1000 and I get a little ingame reward too.

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    Get to Work, WickedWhims, Nisa K. Wicked Perversion


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@MortiferusX Couple of issues - pls do not take this in the wrong way, not bashing your work here, just bringing constructive criticism. Before you say "go build your own" I did, I was just looking for new ideas and I d/l yours. And if it sound harsh is because English is my 3rd language and I lack the skill to imbue my words with honey, ok?


1. TV screens, blocking view, 99% from builders place view obstructing objects on back wall.

2. Row of coffee tables with +flirt items on them. Max emotion is +2 on decorations in same room, no matter you have 100 or 10 or 3.

3. All the toilets on basement - where basically max. 4 people could be at the same time.

4. Row of useless dressers.

5. Stairs. Sims using stars waste a lot of time. In that time you are not making money from your club.

6. Vaults. Really? The money you store in vaults are considered estate objects and you get taxed.

7. Waiter station(s).

8. Ceiling fans - blocking view and also useless.

9. Mirrors. No one will use them.

10. Two bookcases. They share inventory, so there is no need for more than 1.

11. Flirty objects in manager office. Why?

12. Those beds are blocking a lot of animations with their draping (?) and tall wooden ends. It's the colonial bed (white one, comfort 5) you want.

13. Tables surrounding the stage are too close, sims - if they even sit there - will get stuck. You need 1 grid space between objects.

14. moveobject cheat. Not a great idea when you make something prone to heavy traffic.

15. Too much decoration (decorated +3 -> happy) good furniture (happy +1) etc - will make any Cheerful+Good sim go from Playful to Hysterical in seconds. Next joke said or heard -> Grim Reaper visit.


I'll stop here or else you will believe I have something against you or your work - which I don't.



You've already used CC in your build.

LittleMsSam have working elevators that could replace stairs.

MSRealist have SimBank that can replace vaults - if you really need a place to store cash.


It seems to me you were going for looks instead of functionality. Which is not a bad thing, but what makes a creation worthy of downloading - and rewarding it on Parteon - it a combination of both while keeping in-game price low and CC as light as possible.


I will go now to download your other club - the "end-game" one, but looking at pictures it seems you also went for eye-candy and screwed functionality.


Have a nice day, cheers and good luck on your creations.

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