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wondering if someone can give me a full list mods that have Full sex adventure with the creatures and citizens of the waste on fallout 4 and new vegas

also looking for furry mods cant really seam to find any....


Would love the help not really good at what mods to put into the games without one of the mods Crashing or corrupting the games....

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As mentioned above, the only "furry" races available for FO4 are my own Shark Race and the Vulpine (Fox) Race. Not sure if I would count it as such (what with the whole furry/brony divide and all that), but there's also a MLP Pony race included in Crimes Against Nature, should you be interested in that as well.


Also since you mention New Vegas, the offer there is similarly limited, with Vulpines being the main one again. There's also Project Renamon which has not-terrible overall looks and head shape, but the face lacks morphs or animations and IIRC it also has some weird shading issues in certain cells or lighting conditions. I think there was also a really old StarFox races mod out there somewhere, but it was basically just body-painted humans wearing goofy costume Fox/Falco/Krystal heads with no animations whatsoever either so I don't think it would be worth searching for.


EDIT: oof, didn't notice the date. I think I may have just practiced some thread necromancy here. :classic_wacko:

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