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Bigger hips?

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My English is bad enough but the idea is simple. Is there a slider that allows
 you to increase your hips more than normal that sliders already allow?


It is usually happening to me that the textures look bad since I mix
 several torzo modifiers, is there a solution to this problem?




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You're the one with the animation issues due to a lot of sliders, aren't you? Just answered that one, now saw this post, so let me continue where I left of...


Sliders are great for small adjustments and if you don't go into "extreme mode", you can mix and match them as you like.

However, what you might want for this particular case, is actually a body preset - basically a template that looks somewhat like the result you're aiming for and can be tweaked a little using sliders.

Here's one by Dumbaby that I personally use for one of my Sims (it's free, don't worry):


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