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Daemon Girl Outfit CBBE Bodyslide LE [NIND]

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Description: CBBE Daemon Girl Outfit v 1.0.0

CBBE Bodyslide conversion for Daemon Girl Outfit:

Changes Made:
-Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide
-Restructure of ESP to use Texturesets instead of separate Nif files for Body, Collar, Top, and Lower armors.
-Added Oily Body
-Changed color of Body and Collar for Blue armor to Grey
-Added Mesh Lower and Upper
-Added Cutout Lower and Upper

Install manually or with Manager


Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Daemon" 

Thank you to the original creator of this mod, ODD and the creator of the Character, Ryan Reos

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  • Requires
    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 4.9+ ; CBBE; HDT physics
  • Special Edition Compatible


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