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Invisible sims mod

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It would be very difficult to make.

For example, when creating a top, you're replacing the entire top mesh. (Arms and body.) So this kind of mod wouldn't be compatible with outfits. But It could be made for specific outfits.

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37 minutes ago, 2cool4u_1 said:

Perhaps it's possible to make an invisible (transparent texture) skintone?

No, it seems that we have to work on every piece of clothe to do that. But that's too much work for what I need.

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You can use ghost shadows cas in your package and paint whole skin white with 80% alpha . Sims will be almost  invisible and clothes still work on him.

 But you need to use whole rig. Head , eyes, mouth and feets includes. Otherwise mesh  will be transparent 

 but head or mouth nope. 


Sims 4  package that hide items. Just use a code to hide cast parts, you cannot do that or nothing gonna be visible for that part.  I guess you can create  a transparent skin. With alpha body 90% .Might works 

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