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  1. Since last update : 6 New CC 6 New Sims Available now on Patreon : Public release 5th of August Click to access to Patreon Custom Content MEGA PACK Late to the party ? You don't want to download everything one by one ? I released a pack on LL, with (almost) everything I made up to February. A new one will be release once I make enough content. Click to download via Lovers Lab One more thing : Thank you everyone for your support, and kind messages. A new "Angel Set" is almost finished, and should be released in a few days!
  2. Of course, so your video is a sequence-shot with a fix camera. It's not bad per say, but it would've been nice to cut to a close up of the faces, or something like that. Show the actions and the reactions.
  3. I think almost every single mod work with the base game. So no need to buy the expensions, they're just a plus. (Witches, Pets, Vampires.)
  4. I don't want to be too harsh, since it's just made for fun. But the video it's not very engaging. The lack of cuts makes it quite dry. And maybe it's a bug on my end, but the video isn't matching the frame, and seems to move around. But filming/editing can be fun, and if you enjoy it, then great! We all have to start somewhere. I gave a few tips regarding screenshots, yes it's not video but maybe it can give you some ideas :
  5. Unfortunately no. It would be empty. The best would be to find a content creator focusing on male sims.
  6. The Sims 4 is made by Maxis, which is owned by EA. Regarding cheats : https://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/cheats.php
  7. For WickedWhims to work as intented you need the latest version of the mod, and the game. So a legal copy of the game is necessary.
  8. You can change the loading background. I made some sexy/nude backgrounds : You can find them here There is also this mod for simple colors. When changing background place only one file in your mods folder.
  9. I don't want to callout fellow content creators for something they're unaware of. But please, don't click on anything redirecting to adfly or similar websites. It's filled with adware, malware, or viruses. And if you do, please at least use Adwcleaner afterward. It's free, quick, and do the hell of a job to remove adwares from your computer. You may think "Yeah but if I don't click on ads or allow notifications I should be safe". It's not always the case. Please be careful and stay safe.
  10. Hm, as far I know the copy/paste available with MC Dresser isn't releated to the White/Black list. You just have to click "copy makeup", then "paste makeup" and that's it.
  11. There is so many body replacements/mods, I use one for the chest myself. But I can't made different CC for each, so all my outfits are made for the base game mesh. Sorry!
  12. Something like : Click on Sims -> MCCC -> MC Dresser -> Copy/Paste
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