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Can you recommend some pretty hair mods?


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Well most of us are just using MBP and its included hairs. and I'm not interested in collecting hairs or armors myself.


Anyway, this looks good, try this one.



technically not hair mod but you might also try Apachii wig mod.



If you find some hair looks very good post the pic on the What mod is this? thread. Someone will response it if you're lucky enough.

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Say I use FCOM, MBP & Roberts Male V5 installed, would CCC play nice with these mods? Is there anything it does not play nice with? 




This is also 1.8, not 1.7 from the nexus. I think they are different, and why the nexus version is not 1.8 I can't say. 


I read this, which is interesting. Is he referring to MMM that is M? Monster Mod, a part of/version included in FCOM, or something else? The part "This is not for..." makes me wonder if it is totally incompatible & unusable if MMM (or the other mods) are present.

Does this work with custom races?
Yes and no, this may not work with any default race changing mods (mostly). Of course, it may not be compatible with any other cosmetic mods. This is not for Better Redguards, MMM and Might Magick.


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Can't say much about compatibility issues. 'MMM' is indeed the official abbreviation for 'Martigen's Monster Mod', I wonder why Room207 would mention this specific mod? Or does he rather mean "this (incompatibility) is not for (= does not apply to)..." the mentioned mods?


As I'm not using this mod but WAC and PPP instead ('Poontank's Powerful Pervs' :)) I have no information about possible custom races included in MMM. WAC at least does add custom versions of vanilla races, a pain in the butt to make them HGEC- & Robert's-compatible with patches. I imagine CCC has compatibility issues with WAC as well.


The complete CCC package Room207 has on his blog would only get him banned from the Nesux as it contains a lot of ripped and ported content: Coolsims and Rose Sims stuff, Peggy and SKS hairstyles, hairs from Fallout and Final Fantasy games...


I would recommend considering this archive a huge resource pack of about every hair available for Oblivion. To be either manually added to races in the CS - or using a specific mod I love for that purpose:


Install 'VipCxj's Hair Eye Extend System' - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/37096

And the required plugin collection: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/37075


Then you can selectively put files from the complete CCC archive into the hair & eye mod's dedicated folders and add them to any character regardless of race. It might look odd in case of head meshes the hairstyles are not conformulated for, but with such a huge amount of nice hairs there should be something for every race. No CS work needed, no compatibility issues.

Simple key commands for the player character and a touch spell for NPCs is all it takes.


And for modding purposes it's a good way to test out hairstyles and see if they fit/look nice before adding them to a race mod via CS.

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Food for thought. I'll have to (wrap my head around that lol) and try those mods out.


I was wondering if there are comparable wig mods? I've used appachi wigs before, and have seen & installed movomo's work & sleepyD's wigs today, but wonder if there is a huge compilation of wigs out there?


As my own taste goes, I don't particularly like hair that floats (where I guess massive bewbs should be?) or super-thin hair (no depth/thickness), and hair that is long and clips when sneaking/moving around. I'm asking too much for the last issue, as I think hair needs to be animated (with scripts?) to move around, which is serious work for so much hair available.  Growlf has some hair I found that was animated, I haven't tried it yet, would there be more of such a thing around?


Wigs I prefer as you can mix & match with ease without the 'throw of the ctd dice' showracemenu unfortunately has. Wigs do preset their own problems & inventory clutter, but I just do find them easier. I guess, if CCC & other Hair mods had a Wigged version, that'd be tenouttaten for me lol.



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Now this is interesting... I never checked out the Apachii wigs mod before. When I looked at the pictures for the mod I saw a lot of those wigs are hairstyles included in the complete CCC pack! Very confusing which content is allowed on that site over there and which isn't. At least the FF and Fallout hairs are the ones with potential for trouble and a reason this archive was never uploaded on the Nesux.


Hair from one specific wig mod is also a part of that CCC archive: AlienSlof's 'It's A Wig!'.

Some very interesting hairstyles in there, a bit in the vein of Growlf's old wigs.


All that 'floaty' hair available is indeed a bit annoying if you play only small- and medium-chested characters as such hairstyles are clearly for large breast sizes to keep the clipping down to a minimum. The breathing idles make the boobs clip through about every longer hair regardless of floating strands.


Real animated hair actually doesn't exist for the game. Growlf's wigs and a limited few other hairstyles are rigged so they distort along the body when moving/sneaking instead of staying completely rigid and clip through. A long time ago there was an attempt to implement realistic clothing physics into the game which would also have made animated hair possible - hair trailing behind the body when running - but unfortunately nothing came out of it.

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Gonna try slof's wigs, thanks. 


For the apachii goddess store, I did have that in my previous game. I haven't re-added it, iirc I mostly used the wigs (rigged varieties) from the separate apachii wig mod. ...I remember, there were chests with rigged and non-rigged wigs! I don't remember if they were different from the wigs in the separate mod though?

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I didn't bother looking at all the 95 images for the mod but I checked the comment section.

The penultimate comment contains the question: "Are there any plans to add wigs from the Goddess and/or Heroes Store?"

So the hairstyles from that wig mod are different.


The 'Goddess Store' has some of the best Growlf wigs included. For example the curly style and that mega-long single braid that reminds me of 'TR II' (Lara's braid was actually animated - it curled and coiled for no reason even in interiors, looking like a prehensile snake-like appendage, "tentacle hair").


And the 'Heroes Store' has mostly male styles of rather dubious quality. They all look somewhat 'grungy', some of them have matching beards for the amulet slot. Maybe perfect for gritty unwashed viking-type characters but an eyesore once you are used to the pristine perfection of SKS hairs.

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Damn, I guess the goddess store is another huge mod I have to stress my d/l limit with lol. So the hero's store isn't worth it if I was really mostly interested in female wigs huh? 


I've been using an unlimited rings (only) mod that allows you to set in-game the max.amount of rings. But if I wanted to use more misc. items using different slots (tail,amulet,ring), could you recommend a mod that works well? 

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When I started out playing the game I was using this mod here for a while: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/2246


At some point I decided I don't need the stat buffs anymore that come from stacking large amounts of enchanted amulets and rings.

My inventory was cluttered with about every quest reward trinket I got, now it's more tidy with only a small set of sexy clothes.


The above mod comes with two separate esps so you can choose which one to use (or both).

They are also marked as mergeable and can be included in the Bashed Patch. Very helpful.


And if you are only interested in female wigs the 'Heroes Store' is indeed not necessary to bother with.

As far as I remember it has only one (ugly) 'Soya' style for females.

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