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The HRequiredunter... part 4 and 5 ..."her name revealed"


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After all that transpired our protagonist withdrew from daily activity for a few days but, being youthful she bounced right back to her normal routine. The Hunter took a keen interest in one of the new marauders the one that held the title of Defender. At first they did some small talk in training and when they had some free time. Over the passing of several weeks they seemed to become good friends and were always seen together. This made Rigel happy as she knew the Defender would be great for the Hunter as she could learn much but also benefit from her protection.

The Hunter asked her new found friend if she would like to go on a trip with her it would be a long trip as she wanted to go to the Sea Of Ghosts to hunt Horkers. The Defender agreed and they went to speak to Rigel about the plan.... Rigel said it was her choice as she told her before she is now of age to choose for herself but be sure to pack for the weather as it is brutally cold up there and to send letters if she could to let her know if all was well.


After a few days of preparation they started off....The Hunter knew they would be fine as she never had a bounty and nobody knew the Defender they were just two traveling companions as far as anyone knew. The Defender said they would do well to stay away from the Reach as the Forsworn were very capable and dangerous. She said they should head east to Whiterun and north to Dawnstar or Windhelm both had plenty of area to hunt in. The Hunter said she was fine with this and with that headed to a small town called Riverwood. Riverwood was a small town with a shop, inn, lumber mill, and a blacksmith nothing of note there for them to stop but all eyes where casting glances as they passed through. The Hunter doubted the townsfolk had ever seen anyone dressed as the Defender was ... she still had so many questioned unanswered as to who her companion really was. As they made their way down the road following a small creek just out of site of town two wolves came rushing out looking for supper no doubt. The wolves had no chance the Hunter has done this dance many times and she cut the wolves to ribbons as the Defender watched in amusement. The Defender knew her companion was no slouch and two hungry wolves were no match for the Hunters blade.... The Hunter looked back and said dinner came to us with that she clean the wolves and took their pelts and meat.

They decided to make camp on a hill side that looked down the valley where there was a few farms and where Whiterun could be clearly seen.

Over the dinner of dog-meat and wild leeks they both sat in silence as darkness fell and the sky was lite bright with the stars. they had enough wood for the night and settled in watching the sky on their bedrolls. After a long silence the Hunter asked the Defender if she could ask her a few personal questions. The Defender said she could ask but may not answer depending on what was asked.. The Hunter said " since we are going to be companions for several weeks I would like to know your name"? After a long pause The Defender said her name was " Emily " and it has been a long time since anyone called her by name. Emily said " it was The Hunters turn to tell her name". The Hunter laughed she said it has been so long she almost forgotten it  but her name is " Gwendolyn but would like to be called Gwen".  Gwen and Emily found each others names and with that they both turned in for the night.


Part 5


The two companion broke camp and decided to see if a carriage ride could be had at Whiterun. As they neared the stables at Whiterun a carriage was there and they secured a ride to Dawnstar. The ride was long but with a new land to be seen Gwen was full of  wanderlust and her ever growing friendship with Emily the sky seem like the limit. Arriving at Dawnstar the air was cold but Gwen had her fur armor she had made herself and out of the two wolf pelts she made two cloaks on the ride to Dawnstar one for her and one for Emily.  At the edge of town were some cat folk Khajiit they call themselves they always have stuff for sale and Gwen made use of some of the gold she had and bought a nice fur tent for them to share as shelter would be a must here. In town Gwen also wanted to see the blacksmith for arrows and the apothecary for medicine just in case. Gwen asked Emily if her armor was warm enough for this type of cold? Emily laughed and said it was and someday she would tell the story of where it came from. They bought what arrow the smith had and bought potions of health and cure disease potions. Gwen said she knew how to make some potions and hawk feathers would help cure disease but was unsure if they would see any in such cold. They both agreed to a hot meal and a warm bed at the inn in town and start fresh in the morning.

They rented a room with a large bed big enough for two and talked of where they should go over dinner west or east. Emily said west would be best as east the coast was rough and the temperature only got colder. Emily said Solitude lay to the west the seat of Skyrim's High King and Queen and from there they cold head south back towards home in Pinewatch. So it was decided to head west along the coast to hunt and explore perhaps find some ship wrecks. With that out of the way the turned in for the night.

Morning came and with a quick meal and with food supplies bought they headed out. Emily and Gwen untied their bows from their pack to keep in hand and at the ready. Gwen had her bow thin yet strong Emily said it looked like ones she seen from Valenwood and they were great bows as the Bosmer were well regarded as archers. Emily had a bow that matched her axe black with a faint glow of red that pulsed... Gwen wondered was these things alive?  The coastline was a sight to behold empty but not it was teaming with all kinds of game but barren of trees and good cover.


To be continued 20200119162042_1.jpg.4d67426ff3d92d033279899084ef8dab.jpg




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