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CTD when leaving RIverwood in pls help :(

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You have lots of errors in your papyrus log, and also some that says that you have removed mods during play.

That is usally one bad idea to do.


You have mods that calls for stuff you dont have installed and is needed for the mod to work properly.


How have you installed your mods?

Can you give us your loadorder?


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2 minutes ago, darkfender666 said:

I use LE i just updated few mods some weeks ago but i noticed the problem today :( ...


attached a cleaner papyrus and a load order

Papyrus.0.log 267.09 kB · 0 downloads LoadOrder_Skyrim_2020-01-14T16-58-22.txt 4.65 kB · 0 downloads

SexLabNude Creatures is out of date and it would be my first guess as your cause. I would check to make certain that I have the updated versions of More Nasty Critters, Creature Framework and SexLab Animation Loader while eliminating Nude Creatures and see if that doesn't fix your problem.


On an unrelated note, I like a good papyrus log as much as the next guy (it helps stimulate the brain). However, papyrus logs are rarely the key to resolving CTDs. Also, when uploading a papyrus log it is best if you actually put the log into a spoiler rather than uploading the file. The file is very difficult to read in Notepad and becomes much clearer when placed in a spoiler. Thus, for the convenience of your readers (who, after all, you want to help you) please put future papyrus logs into a spoiler.


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Seems like DeviousFollowers is also throwing a few warns/errors:



[01/14/2020 - 04:53:04PM] Error: alias Follower on quest _DflowMCM (B500C545): Cannot force the alias's reference to a None reference.
	[alias Follower on quest _DflowMCM (B500C545)].ReferenceAlias.ForceRefTo() - "<native>" Line ?
	[_DflowMCM (B500C545)]._dflowmcm.They() - "_DFlowMCM.psc" Line 2417
	[_DflowMCM (B500C545)]._dflowmcm.Noti() - "_DFlowMCM.psc" Line 2281
	[alias PlayerRef on quest _Dtick (B5010617)]._dtickPlayerAlias.OnLocationChange() - "_dtickPlayerAlias.psc" Line 37
[01/14/2020 - 04:53:04PM] WARNING: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp0"
	[alias PlayerRef on quest _Dtick (B5010617)]._dtickPlayerAlias.OnLocationChange() - "_dtickPlayerAlias.psc" Line 37
... // LOG SKIPPED // ...

[01/14/2020 - 04:53:37PM] Error: alias Follower on quest _DflowMCM (B500C545): Cannot force the alias's reference to a None reference.
	[alias Follower on quest _DflowMCM (B500C545)].ReferenceAlias.ForceRefTo() - "<native>" Line ?
	[_DflowMCM (B500C545)]._dflowmcm.They() - "_DFlowMCM.psc" Line 2417
	[_DflowMCM (B500C545)]._dflowmcm.Noti() - "_DFlowMCM.psc" Line 2281
	[alias PlayerRef on quest _Dtick (B5010617)]._dtickPlayerAlias.OnLocationChange() - "_dtickPlayerAlias.psc" Line 37
[01/14/2020 - 04:53:37PM] WARNING: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp0"
	[alias PlayerRef on quest _Dtick (B5010617)]._dtickPlayerAlias.OnLocationChange() - "_dtickPlayerAlias.psc" Line 37



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15 minutes ago, Uncle64 said:

Why do you use old More Nasty Critters? It is obsolete.




Ninjed by Psalam


My self reads logfiles in Notepad ++ Way more easy there, and it is good brain training.

First, let me say that it is good to hear from you again. I've missed you on the technical threads and your advice has always been helpful.


However, as a general principle I believe it is appropriate to ask OPs to "do the work" to make things easier for those of us who are already volunteering our time in order to help them. While my statement is in this thread it is not aimed specifically at @darkfender666 but at anyone who is asking for help. I don't intend for it to be mean or rude, just a simple observation while knowing that many don't know what we're going to need in order to be able to help.

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I found that despite i had cleaned saves  they are all corrupt but luckily starting from scracth and configuring everything back works.


Took me a lot and lost all old saves but i can live with that.


I am using nude creatures mostly because its often disabled though i don't particularly like SLAL related stuff so i never installed it..

(i plan to do in the future on a new save).


Sorry to make you lose time...


Though something between 


SL survival

Troubles of heroine

DE ensaved continued 


made so even a new configured cleaned save would not work.... 

(i had started a new game from scratch just before updating those so i uninstalled those mods, waited 24 hours, cleaned waited 24 more and reinstalled new versions to save time on configuring but didn't work)

P.S. i have no idea on how to read papyrus i usually check stuff with TES5edit and some manual checks.... tried to read everything but couldn't  find anything different from old papyruses.


Thank you for the assistance.

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Thank you Psalam, I have been working way to much for some time. Have still been here.


There is one thing Darkdefender I must ask you.

Is it always the same place you CTD? If so it can also be that you have one mod that conflicts whit the exit area out from Riverwood.

It can also be one mesh that goes on the animals you will meet after the brigde, if you have wrong meshes/skeleton on them you may CTD.


What you should consider is to verify your Skyrim files at Steam so you know that your installation is fine.

Clean your masters whit xEdit. If you have not done that already.

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1 hour ago, Uncle64 said:

That will not work.

You cant fully clean one save in this game.


You need to start one new.

yep but new games takes hours to configure  even with the few mcm import of few mods.


I usualy keep a start save and only clean it when major updates happens and clean it on minor updates.

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