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Sims 4blender Animation Control Assistant

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Sims 4blender animation control assistant


Blender Animation Control Assistant makes it easy to create animations


Make it easier for beginners to create their favorite animations


Applicable to wickedwhims animation production



go download



Animation tutorial of wickedwhis/https://wickedwhims.tumblr.com/post/145448014836/tutorials


Add sound to animation/https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87967-sounds-description-for-animators/


Custom shapes made by kijiko










Animation demonstration



Production demonstration 


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Damn, I've been creating animations for a while and although I have not yet published any because I'm having problems mainly with the scripting part this is certainly going to make the animation process a lot smoother, less time consuming and easier.  For that I thank you, I have not used this tool yet but if I do and if I ever get to publish my animations I will make sure to credit you! :)

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You will be successful in animation production. The main reason is that it's troublesome to swing, so I made this tool. It can easily swing smooth movements, save precious time for making. It's a magic weapon for novices

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