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Delphine is not what you think ... Mystery


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Delphine is a Breton who is one of the main protagonist is the main quest of Skyrim. Delphine has some very questionable facts surrounding her and her actions. This mystery is well hidden and takes time to figure out but we will bring her story to light and in conclusion bring her out for what she really is.


Some things really bothered me when I played through Skyrim for the first time one was Delphine and her knowledge of the dragons also her ability to get you into the Embassy. As I worked through the game and many play-through more evidence came to light as every-time I explored new avenues to take and exhausted all dialog and play options and all different levels as so that would not be a factor. 

The findings:

Delphine has inside information directly from the Thalmor and/or Imperials or both I believe she is a double agent. Think not? There was only a small handful of survivors from Helgan Genral Tullius and his small group, Elenwen and her small group. you and what ever solider you saved. How did Delphine know about Helgan? Who told her what happened it was not you.... that leaves two choices period. Here is more fuel to the fire I tried every variant to become dragon born including not talking to her until I find out she has the Horn of the Graybeards and only then I meet her. What is fact in every play-thought looking for evidence all but one I was met with a assassin from the dark Bother-hood. Only after I meet her do I receive a contract on my head and yes this is repeatable and have done so at many levels and paths I could take. I done all DLC complete no dark-brotherhood took every path it is only after I meet her does this happen.... why?

Lets talk about the Thalmor Embassy and how exactly did you ...a complete unknown... waltz right on in. The guest list would have been very tightly controlled and nobody could have just added you on there without the Thalmor allowing it and no a bartender could not have done it. So who exactly did Delphine talk to to get you in there that list is very short. It sure looks like a trap when your there or at the very least a unveiling as to who you are.

So lets talk about Esbern and how the Thalmor now know where he is. It is also of note these Dossier's are just laying around for you to find them

Is it not covenant that Delphine knows the thieves guild and members she would have heard about Esbern no way she did not know and that is why a thieves -guild member was being tortured to give intel. on what was known. Or is that to far of a stretch?

So according to these Dossiers Delphine is enemy number one... really?

So for someone who is such an enemy how is it she owns a Inn the most public place to be found in Skyrim? So we are to believe the Thalmor know about a old man in the very deepest sewers in Riften but she lives  in plain site and they know squat about her.... really?

Also of note Ulfric is considered an asset.... really? Delphine can be seen as an asset as well The whole thing when looked at from a far makes no sense or does it?



Who benefits in this whole affair that Delphine herself says must happen including the killing of Parthanax? Simple the Admari Dominion

There are only two things not controlled by the Thalmor you Dragon-born and the Dragons the children of Akatosh.

The Dragons are not really seen as a bad thing to the Thalmor but you the one who can kill them is. Delphine has controlled you from day one and continues to control you. Delphine is not what she seems but is a shell of herself who sold out long ago to save her own skin. The evidence shows it is not possible to do what she has done or exist as she does without selling out just as Ulfric himself has... So the real mystery are you a pawn for the Thalmor and don't even know it?


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