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"Asking for Sex" dialogue not working.

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The "Asking for sex" dialogue that once came up no longer does, so by extension, the autonomy I had control over does not work. I had the game installed earlier and this feature worked swimmingly; had it removed for a time, and now, re-downloaded, suddenly this feature does not work, even under high intensity. And yes, this was all tested on romantic relationships with a high enough bar, some married and some not. Autonomy works fine, if I have it set to random WITHOUT the dialogue coming up, so it's not the autonomy itself that's broken. 

I had completely removed all WW and WW related mods when I had uninstalled it prior, so I don't know if any of that is the source of the issue? 

The only other script mod I have installed is MCC.

I would really appreciate some help.

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Yes it has been raised a lot of times. I remembered opening my own thread about that several years ago.


TURBODRIVER is explaining how it is supposed to work here, but despite those information, and despite what I've read in the source code, the dialog just never triggers itself whatever the situation, even with probability set up to very high, romantic context, nobody around, at night during a week-end, and so on.


Too bad it is my favorite feature from WW ?

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@Mega Poster (Dunno how to properly tag I'm new to this.)

Sorry, I should've clarified in greater detail or made it less confusing but I also don't appreciate the passive aggression with the ellipses.

My sims refusing sex is not the problem. My problem is that the pop-up dialogue doesn't come up when I let my sims have full autonomy, which I have turned on and have made sure of several times. The dialogue I'm referring to gives the "Yes", "No" option to the player when a sim is interested in sex. I have read extensively other similar issues, but not all are the same as this one. The ones that are, are seemingly abandonned.

That being said, if I'm wrong and there is one out there with a solution, I'd appreciate a link to it. :) I haven't yet found one that works.


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WW Settings/Sex Settings/Cheats: Always Accept ON, Manual NPC Switch ON, Change Sex Location Anywhere ON, Sim Needs Decay Switch ON.

(All others OFF unless you want some different settings)


WW Settings/Sex Settings/Other/Enable Teen Sex ON, (others optional)


WW Settings/Relationship Settings/Open Relationships ON, Romance Age Restriction ON, 

                                                            /Cheats: Desire Switch ON, Global Jealousy OFF, Global Incest (your choice).


WW Settings/Sex Settings/Autonomy Settings/Asking for Sex Dialog Settings/ Check all 3 boxes to ON 

(Edit: I run my settings with all 3 boxes OFF so sims don't prompt any dialog they just do the flirt/woohoo animation and then go at it).


Was having issues where sims would ask, I'd click accept, and they would fail to proceed further.

Sometimes it would take 3 tries before going off for sex.

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1 hour ago, REDFACTION said:

It might be something with my savegame or settings.


WW became a quite complex mod after all.

Between all the game patches and WW evolving in the last six months I've noticed some things not quite working the way they used to.

WW also resets some settings to default when updating so they have to be checked over again.


Sometimes doing a deep cleaning of the game save, with mods removed, helps.

I've also deleted the WW json files to clear older data.

Since WW is now using a global method for saving data rather than game saves.

But I saved the installed animations & disabled animations files so I didn't have to do all that work over again.


Noticed if my sim takes his child along to visit another household those sims won't have any autonomous sex, even in a private area.


Duplicate WW files will also cause sims to not ask for sex.

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