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Save Files Become Unplayable

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So this is the second save file that this has happened to, where I'll be playing just fine one session, and then the next time I try to play with the latest save, if I try to change cells the game will crash after finishing loading the cell, or if I try to CoC out of the cell to like Sanctuary, it'll be fine for a couple minutes and then it'll ctd anyways. 
One error I've noticed that gets spammed in the papyrus log in both saves is this, where the IDs are different every time:
error: Property MirelurkEgg on script MirelurkHarvestableScript attached to  (240145FC) cannot be bound because  (24018F9C) is not the right type
Attached is my plugin list, are there saving habits that could potentially be contributing to this?


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Question are there any big mods that you've removed?  Removing large files will break saves.
Second if you load an earlier save do you have the same problem?

Third do you have a list or remember if any mods were removed during your current run?
Fourth question would be What is happening in Sanctuary?  You mentioned that it loads after a CoC then CTD so that tells me that your game is trying.  Then failing.

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