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  1. No longer necessary, uploading a version that adds the menu without any action needed for the person downloading
  2. All I can suggest to try from me, as I can confirm its working with these conditions: Bannerlord 1.4.2, Modlib 1.4.1, and CE, is to try these troubleshooting steps, if this still doesn't work I might suggest going to the CE support page and asking over there. 1. Fresh install CE and MCM only for the time being 2. At the very least make sure nothing other than Mod Config Menu and CE are active (I have heard from Badlistener that even deactivated mods may still be added to the game, causing instability) 3. Make a test save for whatever gender character you want t
  3. All I can recommend is try a fresh re-install and see if that fixes it, if not lemme know and I'll see what I can do.
  4. Thanks for the appreciation! Is there anything here: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zCaptivityEvents\ModuleLogs? If so, upload them so that I can look at them or forward them to Badlistener. Depending on installation method, I've had issues with Winrar properly extracting the files. I'd also try a reinstall, as that option doesn't lead into my events until you get that menu from "Let's have some fun" and select Enslave her. So it may be an issue with CE as a whole.
  5. Should be fixed now with the update, lemme know if you're still having problems lemme know, cause what you may be describing may be unrelated
  6. Imma be real, I completely forgot to test the new update in game, (it validates so it should be fine), but if anyone has problems with my events, let me know so I can test and fix them.
  7. If anything is not working (not saying anything isn't working, as for as I can tell), I recommend getting the most up to date CE and Bannerlord. As for installation, I got everything working by putting my xml here: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zCaptivityEvents\ModuleLoader\CaptivityRequired\Events
  8. No worries, glad you got it working
  9. Edit in the works with CE update that will stop the crash from non heroes being put in hero only events soon.
  10. No problem, but yeah, stuff like non-event result escapes should be taken to the CE support thread, yes.
  11. It likely won't work so simply, because the problem is the skill/relationship gain/loss being applied to something that can't accept those changes. The way around it would be to remove both the relation/prostitution changes entirely, but the event isn't working as intended to begin with, so those changes defeat the purpose of intended subjects of the events. The events are intended solely for hero characters, barring the one random traveling event. So, as I said, it may be something that will need to be fixed with a CE update, and not something that can be done via XML edits.
  12. Ok so I know why its crashing, its trying to apply skill/relationship changes to a type of character that can't accept them, so that is what is going on. I have the tags set so that shouldn't be happening, will have to speak with BadListener to see why this might be happening. For the time being, I'd suggest trying to keep a female hero prisoner on you if you plan on waiting in a settlement for an extended period of time while I figure out how to fix this.
  13. Alright, thanks for the more specific event to check, as for the CE specific crash logs, they can be found in this: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zCaptivityEvents\ModuleData\CECustomEvents\Logs
  14. I don't have an event that allows you to sell prisoners, so unless you're mistaken on the wording, I don't believe it is this. However, if it is indeed the correct events, but with incorrect wording, I don't believe you should be able to be doing those events with non-hero captives. Lemme run it myself rq and see what is going on. Yeah it only runs with a hero, and it runs properly with a hero with no crash, the event itself shouldn't even be able to be ran with a non-hero captive, so not sure where you two are getting this event crash. As for as the bundle stuff, there really shouldn
  15. For which file, its now a matter of which version of CE you're using, older versions use DefaultCaptorEventsFemale, and new CE uses DefaultCaptorRequiredEvents, but the change is the same for either one. That event should look like this in your notepad++.
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