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Havok causes items to get blown away.

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No pun intended. The havok in my game is really weird. Sometimes items seem to collide with some unseen force that blows them in all directions, creating a mess that is hard to clean up. Especially when an NPC sits down at a table or I open cupboard. Can SMP physics cause this or is there something else that makes it behave like that?

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On 11/1/2019 at 5:16 PM, Heroine of the Night said:

Do you have fps locked in game? not really sure about anything SMP, I have not switched yet. Locking my fps at 60 helped me with havok(shit flying off tables in Inns) and with weird hdt stretch glitches

I have fps limit set to 60 in my enblocal.ini. Does that count?

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