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Confirmation email broken ?

Kashiwaba Tomoe

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Hey Ashal, or any other board staff member, had another person on IRC mentioning that the confirmation email didn't go thru, shit may be broken, etc.



Anyone who reads this in IRC and has the issue, it should be fixed soon, either wait for the fix, or idle in IRC, and wait until someone is active who can help.


edit: If you get on IRC due to this issue STAY ON.


Once you're off of IRC, there is no way to help you, so just leaving IRC open while the PC idles while you sleep or whatever will increase the speed at which you may be able to get word spread that you need help.


If you logon, get no immediate response, then get off within the same or next minute you not only are not likely to get help, but also are less likely to have anyone even notice.

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Have had yet another user get on IRC, same issue.


edit: Anyway I'm going to bed, users with this issue, I would recommend getting on IRC and staying on.


Once he sees this, Ashal (the admin) can get on IRC and help you directly until the issue is resolved.


Also Ashal, prehaps edit permissions for mods so they can validate accounts as well to speed up resolving of these issues.

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