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How would I port over Cassandra from SC4 to Skyim?


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Anyone good at porting? Got files need help porting Cassandra from SC4 to Skyrim. I made a topic on this earlier but I have placed it in the wrong section.

So I just go my hands on a Soul Caliber resource pack. I even downloaded Cassandra XNAlara file as well (so you don't have to look at everything). But I Have no idea how to port this to the game. I want to play as her (not sure if you can or you just need to make race mod, I don't want a facemask) and use her armor. Does anyone else know what to do? I can send you the files for you to take a look at if needed. I saw a few Lightning mod with race and armor so I think it is possible. I just need the help, or someone to do it. That would be an awesome holiday gift for me!

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even a guide would be awesome. I just need somewhere to start.


Well, ripping the files from the actual game is probably going to be a major pain.


A quick google turned up this:




Now, importing an obj file into Blender is relatively easy, but then you need to rig it to work with the Skyrim(?) skeletons (I'd recommend using my boneweight copy script for that piece of it).


You'll also probably need to convert the textures to the correct format.

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Rigging is the easy part. Scale your mesh, make sure you're in A-pose if not already, select all, make parent> armature > no groups. Apply modifier, then copy bone weight using the script with skyrim body... Rigging only takes a couple minutes once you've got the armature that is posted in nearly every animating / posing tutorial.


If you really need someone to rig that for you, link the file and I'll do it. I'm waiting for assistance on other matters currently, so I've got the time. I just don't have that game, and I'm not about to download it just for one rig. Lol while the characters are pretty cool to look at, I never enjoyed the game enough to want to put them in another game. =/

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