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Dawn of Man adult mod?

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Dawn of man is out now!  Several threads have been started on steam requesting a nude mod and some of us are wondering at why there's no, well, sex.  Knowing lovers lab I'm betting if it comes from here it's going to be excellent.  So for myself and seeing others here's the public beg: Nudity mod, or sex system or animation PLEASE?  Thanks for your time! (If I missed something already existing please point me to it! Thanks)

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Anyone working on this? Seems like a great opportunity. The graphics seem good enough for it, the population small enough for it to be personal etc. 

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On 3/14/2019 at 9:18 PM, Kargrin said:

Any modding tools for the game?

Unfortunatly none that I can find.  Hopefully it comes along at some point.  Seems near "criminal" to release an unmoddable game nowadays doesn't it?


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