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  1. Anyone working on this? Seems like a great opportunity. The graphics seem good enough for it, the population small enough for it to be personal etc.
  2. Hi magierah, Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. I'm not sure you'll need to, if I do need your help we can discuss it. I've put a thread here with the main server information.
  3. 'Last night the crying of the children kept me awake, and I had a terrible vision. I saw light vanish across the world. I saw a world, beset by monsters. The ice came down from the north with terrible fangs of steel. Demons awoke in the Black Kingdoms, intent on destroying our great culture and a great storm cloud hung over the east, flashing bursts of fire lightening. Why would Set send these visions?...' Zehtia roleplay is set during a time of great chaos for the Hyborian world. It began on one midnight, nearly thirty years ago, when a great cold wind passed west to east across the world at about the pace of the worlds turning. As it crossed the world lamps guttered and died, candles were wiped out, and open fires burnt with a blue edge for a moment, and then the world was plunged into darkness. That darkness began the Long Night, a time of fire, death and destruction in which civilizations have fallen, kingdoms have been destroyed and brutal warlords and risen to power. For those fleeing such devastation there are few choices, but some refugees, settlers and adventurers are making their way into a newly discovered land full of ancient ruins and rich in resources. In basic terms Zehtia is an abstraction of Conan Exiles, using modification and a creative community to take what Conan Exiles can be to a whole new level. We take the key concepts of Conan the Barbarian that we like, and extend and expand them beyond what they were ever meant to be. We cannot claim the purity of other, more lore friendly servers, nor can we currently claim a large player base, but what we can claim is a friendly community dedicated to creating a new world in Conan. The world of Conan is based on brutality and barbarism. It's not a world where help is given out for free to all who come. It is not a world where differences are accepted, where weaknesses are protected or where mercy is expected. This should be, and is, reflected in the ethos of the server, encouraging players to make their characters want to exploit or at least get pay back from those they help rather than a global hug box. We will also be trialing Victim markers on our discord, to show those people who are looking for their characters to be taken advantage of. Where would Conan be without Belit and her beautiful breasts? Who knows, but sexuality is clearly an important part of the Conan setting. Using mods and by recruiting from certain communities we will be taking this to a new level as well, both in our soft fluff and hard mechanics. This is where we really make ourselves different from other servers. Our intention isn't to set up a server with one giant theme, we let the players set the theme. By encouraging character and clan biographies and politics we hope to promote the rise of various cultures and conflicts. We don't tell you that on this server women are subservient to men, we allow you to build a city where that's true and connect with players who want their characters to be involved in such, and if you so happen to find yourselves next to a city where men are subservient to women well... That just creates good RP? We provide the world, and encourage our players to fill it with the best things their minds can come up with. To help our theme of clans establishing cultures and politics we need more people looking to start lore based, though perhaps not entirely lore pure clans. Vanir or Dafari tribes, Stygian or Aquilonian expeditions or whatever else you wish. We need more order in the exiled lands. Join the discord and post in the clans channel, and if you can get three players before you start, and the approval of admins because we don't want just 'fred and the gang - pvpers', then you get a free Conscripts Warden post, 56 iron bars and 16 leather, a really efficient way of gathering resources which can be RP'd as the thralls your expedition brought with you. https://discord.gg/M6EJQCw
  4. Hi, time to stop lurking after several years I guess. So in short; I am looking to start an English language Conan Exiles role-play server with heavy erotic content based in the EU and would like some backup. Not just players but people willing to put in the time to be server admins. I've been running ERP communities for about 6 years now, for a long time mostly on Star Wars: The Old Republic (The Shadow Rose, The Beautiful Thorn, Leth Tol Marsa if anyone has heard of them. All of them fun while they lasted, though mostly died because of me running everything for 30+ people and a lack of officers.) and more recently head admin on World of Akator until the server owner vanished leaving me unable to update the server. So this time you could say I've learnt my lesson and I am going to look for an 'officer' (Server admins, RP admins, moderators etc) or two before I start. The theme of the server will be as stated erotic roleplay, though probably based close to lore as well. I want to bring out more of the brutal nature of the hyborian age. My biggest gripe with the servers I've played on is that I get a hugbox feel between the players who have been there a long time, and the same happened to some extent in Akator. I'm talking about keeping KoS banned and PVP down, but rather than 'Oh you're a new player here have 100 exotic flesh' more of 'Oh you're a new face, if you want food you're going to have to bend over and earn it'. I would also like to let characters develop the pseudo-cultures a little, no server wide rules of 'free use females' but if some group of characters want to enforce it then go ahead. If others don't want it then oh look you have RP conflict, which so long as the rules are followed can be fun for all involved. I also want to include Futa, I know it's not lore friendly but it is a chink in my armour Other than that the ideas are still up in the air. I have the money, I have the motivation, if I can get the people then we'll be bonza. Thanks for reading and let me know if I've caught your interest or you have any ideas.
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