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the heck?

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ok i had Everything working all peach's and cream (well apart from pregnancy mod but i have an idea why i could not get that working) so i changed load order and now non of the sex animations will start, if theres a dialog before hand like "hey looking for a good time"


then he walks away....any idea whats gone on?


[X] FalloutNV.esm

[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm

[X] DeadMoney.esm

[X] CaravanPack.esm

[X] LonesomeRoad.esm

[X] ClassicPack.esm

[X] MercenaryPack.esm

[X] TribalPack.esm

[X] OldWorldBlues.esm

[X] HonestHearts.esm

[X] Sexout.esm

[X] SexoutCommonResources.esm

[X] SexoutSlavery.esm

[X] SexoutLegion.esm

[X] SexoutPregnancyV3.esm

[ ] SexoutSex.esp

[X] Type3MClothing_HH.esp

[X] Type3MClothing.esp

[X] Readius_NV.esp

[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp

[X] SmallerTalk (1).esp

[ ] populatedcasino-light.esp

[ ] UnlimitedCompanions.esp

[ ] UnlimitedCompanions SCRIPT FIX.esp

[X] MojaveDelight.esp

[ ] SexoutCreatureLove.esp

[X] SexoutZAZ (1).esp

[X] SexoutFadeToBlack.esp

[X] SexoutConsequences.esp

[X] SexoutBrutalRapers.esp

[X] SexoutFiends.esp

[X] SexoutNCR.esp

[X] SexoutPowderGangers.esp

[X] SexoutKhans.esp

[X] SexoutWorkingGirl.esp

[X] PartyOutfits.esp

[X] SexoutKings.esp

[X] SunnyCompanion.esp

[ ] SexoutPregnancyNG.esp

[X] SexoutBreeder.esp



this is the load order (and remember no X= not loaded)

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Why did you rename SmallerTalk and SexoutZAZ?


oh what that was when i was downloading it i added em to the file but i forgot i had it so they copied but i deleted the ones without the (1) on them and i could not be arsed sorting them out, tho ive never had an issue

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So in sum, don't do it. Having said that, there is a case to be made for modders (none that I've seen so far here in LL though) naming their esp's stupid names, like st.esp. I mean, what the hell is that? 200 mods later, there is no way you can tell one mod from another. Like "kochandhobr" for example, a part of Freeside Open. Hell, would it have been a lot to ask to add a FO before it?


And we all know you can't rename esp's so... annoying.

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I've probably offended someone already, and for that I apologise. I've just had to re-install a few mods, and some of the names just got to me... sorry.


I mean, the mods I work on are a mess. I save them a hundred times and they are all called different names, but that is for my own personal use. I would never release them as such. But having been to the Nexus, there are SO MANY good mods out there, and by good I mean almost professional, which are released with silly names that it just makes me ask... some of these people probably spend more time on their OP's than they do just changing the name of the mod to something legible.


*rant over*

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What plugin(s) are you using to start sex?


well, i have the brutal rapers enabled but in the past ive found that a bit arsey when trying to use(i used a standard rape before it that had actually worked) but i also tried the NCR tryout thing where you whore your character but thats not working either

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ok the masturbate animation wont work either, if this helps anyone narrow down the issue please voice what your thinking


ok it was the sexout package? i think it was that stopped the animations, now back to trying to get the preg mod working...which stopped working for me before it went to the Sexout NG then to what ever it is now...lol

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