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This was a conversion of Ninirim's Kurumi Outfit to Fallout 4, which was a request I saw a few places around, and decided to take cause I really liked the boots and wanted them for armor mashups, I took the time to not only convert everything properly, but make sure to make it look it's best in the Fallout universe. 


What you get


The set includes the Dress, Choker, Gloves and Hair with the Ribbon. The Dress/Choker/Gloves can be crafted at the Chem Workbench, The Dress can be modified at the Armor Workbench to have the damaged variants as well as remove the underskirt and Panties... The Ribbon shows up in the Character Creation Menu as Kurumi and requires ZGC's Hairpack for the Marie Rose Hair mesh.


Everything has been made to look good in Fallout, with proper environment maps, normals and Speculars added. The Chain detail and the Buckle in the choker shine silver, the boots are a dull shine...




The Gloves will Clip... I decided on dealing with the clipping rather than make it part of the outfit...

I didn't do any stupid calf/ankle cutting thing to make these show up right on the ground, as I hate that shit. You will have to Modpos your character up on the Z Axis (about 3.5) for photos. If we ever get a heel system, I'll update this. 


There's 2 Bodyslide Options - CBBE or Fusion, Pick one or the other. 


If you don't like the Model Choice, I don't want to hear it. I can and will not hesitate to show this on Elder Maxson instead if I get whiny people in my comments section... Don't try me. 




Ninirim - Meshes/Textures for Kurumi's outfit

ZGC - Marie Rose Hair I used as a base



If you like the work I do , feel free to buy me a coffee! It goes to keeping me fueled up for making more work! I am also saving and working to get an improved rig, so every bit helps. My mods will always remain 100% free to download, and never behind any paywall. 


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