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  1. WoW, you animation has become my favorite because you added sex sounds to the animation, I love it! Please add sounds to all penetration animations, super good!
  2. No need, download this for 5 seconds conversion, no creation kit needed: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316
  3. LE sucks balls, jesus, people still on LE for 0 reason. https://sunkeumjeong.wixsite.com/mysite/post/sunjeong-ninirim-collection-6-0
  4. CF 2.02 doesn’t work reliably, missing dicks everywhere, disappearing dicks during animations
  5. I'm getting this small stack dumps in my log, might worth investigating: [02/07/2021 - 08:04:37PM] ERROR: Cannot cast from None to Keyword[] stack: [vkjArmorRestriction (4A02AFD6)].vkjarmorrestriction.check() - "vkjarmorrestriction.psc" Line ? [vkjArmorRestriction (4A02AFD6)].vkjarmorrestriction.OnUpdate() - "vkjarmorrestriction.psc" Line ? [02/07/2021 - 08:04:58PM] ERROR: Cannot cast from None to Keyword[] stack: [vkjArmorRestriction (4A02AFD6)].vkjarmorrestriction.check() - "vkjarmorrestriction.psc" Line ? [vkjArmorRestriction (4A02AFD6)].vkjarmorrestriction.OnUpdate()
  6. Restless Slave causes my owner to strip herself naked when she equipped me with chain collar..
  7. Amazing work, thanks for adding Setting Export/Import.
  8. It takes like 5 seconds to convert yourself....
  9. The FOMOD install script is broken for me. MO2 Line 1, Column 3: Argument at position 0 has incorrect type for CompareWBVersion, expected string got integer.
  10. Who the hell need this when already have remastered version... READ
  11. Holy shit, I was wondering why my SexLab scene involves bondage almost always breaks during animation, character breaks and not animating, animation desync, SexLab Tools pop-up menu delays, changing stage takes ridiculous long time to process...I guess I have to revert back to 4.0. BTW I have a super computer with RTX 3090 and plays on SSE which have much better performance in general, but having that huge slow down is extremely unacceptable. Something is overloading Skyrim's script engine during animation, but I can't find stack trace in the log.
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