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  1. Yes it's this quest, Dogmeat AI will force it to go back to the investigation location immediately once it's teleported by BDH.
  2. If Dogmeat is on Reunion Mission, the dog request event will fail to start since dogmeat will constantly go to the search location.
  3. I’ll hold off installing this mod until 1.6.0 since you said it won’t be compatible. Very anticipated!
  4. SavageCabbage already has Pillory animation which is included BDH as well. ZaZOut4 is redundant.
  5. Speaking of skeletons, I was wondering, I understand that AAF disables certain breast bones for CBP physics during animation so that they can be animated properly with ZeX Skeleton, but I don't use Fusion Girl anyway, I want to see female breasts bounce naturally according to CBP Physics setting during animations, is there a way to stop AAF from disabling CBP related bones?
  6. Like Tentacus said, Leito animation wasn't made with ZeX Skeletons, unless he comes back and remake all the animations, there won't be any good options.
  7. I think most of us use CBBE and Bodytalk 3, so Tentacus did not include any Fusion Girl vagina/anal morphs in his xmls and this animation was made without using ZeX Skeleton so no morphs, SavageCabbage and BP70 animations do use ZeX skeleton. You may try Indarello's patch. But be warned, his patch is quite a headache to install.
  8. @EgoBallistic Thanks again for the update you made to my request. I have several observations during my gameplay with the newest version: The menu during animations works perfectly fine now, however, I have encountered something like this: Usually, when Violate scene first starts, you can see the menu and open wizard to observe the scene stage and equipment menu, but whenever first scene ends and if there is going to be a second scene, when you open AAF wizard during second scene, the actors and currently playing scene are not in the list as if there aren't any scene playing, I assume this is an AAF bug? (First scene didn't get cleared from memory?) UI doesn't show when Bad End scene is playing.
  9. I switched to "resetall" in equipment xml, but the bug still appears. My AAF re-equip delay is set to 30 seconds. Step to reproduce: For example: AAF Violate Scene: Before First scene starts: PC undressed properly and gets equipped with Devious Devices/Real Handcuffs as configured in Violate MCM. First scene starts: playing animation, animation ends. Then there will be a short dialogue in-between violate scene, PC still undressed. Second scene starts: animation plays, during the animation, PC gets re-dressed in full equipment with incorrect object modification (For example, if I have an armor piece that I have modified its color from default black to white, it will dress the PC with default color). Animation ends. My best guess according to my limited knowledge: The re-equip thread that is running isn't being checked if the second scene has started before delay timer has reached?
  10. @Akor I found out that the ZaZOut4 animation XMLs are causing AAF warning and errors, since ZaZOut animations are outdated and using outdated skeleton as well, perhaps you should remove all ZaZOut animation XMLs all together in the next update. I don't know if your scripts also call ZaZOut4 animations, if so, you should remove them from scripts as well Quote from updated guide:
  11. Do you know which kind of AAF xml contains esp pointers so I can find the culprit. EDIT: I found it, it's from Boston Devious Helper XMLs.
  12. Just tested it, seems to be working pretty well, however I have some small warnings about "ZaZOut4.esp" not found. and Undefined location: Hydraulic Pillory.
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