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Overly stretched out penis

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On 2/16/2024 at 1:09 AM, NukaKitty said:

i removed what was said but i also am still having this prob, is there anyway someone can send a link to a mod that fixes it?

Are people who still say this really saying this after using the default penis? If you are using a user-made penis, it is better to mention it.
Noir's huge penis still has penises that are distorted, so you need to reduce the size or use the patreon version.

On 2/16/2024 at 2:55 AM, roro9261 said:

Dans WickedWhims 180  il y a une fonction pour allonger, rétrécir, grossir etc

You stubbornly use French even though everyone around you uses English...🙄

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