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So tell about your fun sexout stories

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So yeah if you run into something fun in sexout, post it here.


Note: Mines spoiler taged due to it occuring within mod content.


If you don't want to be spoiled for New Vegas Bounties don't click.






lol jk, scroll down.










































































































So yeah, I was up to the final bunker of the mod (at least until part II). My female PC was doing pretty good in killing everyone while sneaking......... until she opened up the Judges room.


Long story short, nearly killed the Judge and his bodyguards, but just after my left arm got crippled, stats changed enough to allow a rape.


And of course, as soon as it was done, the bodyguards killed me.


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Let me start by saying sexout crowds was a proof of concept and will horribly scramble npc ai.

Not knowing this when I first started using sexout, I had quite the funny happen with a glitch between crowds and brutal rapers. I was cruising the Strip when a gambler came charging out of nowhere to rape an NCR soldier. His impact actually threw her clear so that the rapist was essentially masturbating. His potential victim then joins the crowd cheering him on. Here's where it gets weird


Dude finishes, knockdown animation plays. The NCR chick then (remember, the House/NCR treaty bans soldiers from carrying firearms on the Strip) pulls a 12.7 pistol and blows the rapists head off, after which everyone carries on with their evening.

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Not sure if it qualifies as "funny" but playing with the aformentioned SexoutCrowds, as well as rePopulatedWasteland and a mod called Militaryexpansionprogram (basicly a lot more activity and soldiers hanging around McCarran) I went about whoring there. I had the approach rate set to 100%, and arrived in the middle of some kind of "shift change" or something, anyway, about 30 soldiers pass me by. Then of course they start approaching me one by one, to the cheers of their mates. So there I was, not only whoring, but putting on a show for the whole platoon. :D

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