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Marry Me - Part 1

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Marry Me






They were fighting very loudly. Mom and dad. Twenty two years of marriage plus two kids and they still fought like cat and dog. Right now they were fighting over who had done more for their kids. Seriously, neither of them had. My sister and I had practically raised ourselves. It was a silly and stupid thing to fight over, one married couples shouldn’t fight about.




I am Shane Blockly and my sister is Susan Blockly, I call her Suzi. I turned 19 last month and my sister turned 18 last week. Suzi was a very lovely girl. Milky skin, dark hair and brown eyes. She was that kind of girl you’d fall for at first sight. There were already loads of guys at school chasing her but she just didn’t care.




She asked me to go outside for a walk with her. She never liked mom and dad fighting. They didn’t notice us leaving so they fought on.




It was dark in the church yard near our house. We had played many games in that church yard, all sorts of games. We were walking slowly and were holding each other as it was cold.

"I feel safe with you Shane." Suzi said. I couldn't understand where she going even though I knew what it meant.




"I love you Shane." With her saying that, she stopped and looked into my eyes. "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do stupid."




"No, I mean do you love me as in how a boy loves a girl." I was left startled by this. It was like she had read my mind. I loved her more than anyone in the world, yet I was nervous when I expressed my feelings.




"Yes I love you.” My hands were shaking when I said these words. I didn’t know where it came from. Eight years back we used to play husband and wife as a game and pretend that we were mom and dad. We were our closest friends. Best pals. No one else. Just us two. Through ten years our closeness had grown.




Shane, I need a kiss, please kiss me.”

“Suzi…” I couldn’t resist myself. I was in love with her, my sister. We kissed for the first time. It felt like heaven falling from above. The chilly air didn’t bother us as we were tight in our lip lock. I felt the warmth inside, so did she. She was shaking when we finished. Yet she talked.




“I've loved you Shane ever since we were kids.”

“Me too Suzi, me too.”

She was in my arms. It had always made her feel safe. We were the only two in the dark church yard. No one could see us through the dark from the lighted houses.




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