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The most dangerous vendors... Period.


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Meet Ice from Sexy well stocked vendors she is a vendor who will buy stolen goods at Belethor's Store do not try to steal from her you will die period. Normally she is not a follower she is a vendor but if you make her one via mods she is a wrecking machine that nothing can stop. Ice has over 30,000 HP... Master level perks in all areas of combat... she also has the same for magic all master level perks same goes for sneak. It does not stop there oh no.... Ice uses shouts of various types and her speed is about twice as fast as yours she can kill five giants before the first one falls dead.. yes I tried it. Wait I know what your thinking the Ebony Warrior has got this right?... wrong she can kill five of them in seconds and not even break a sweat. So what else does this mod has well it put these vendors all over skyrim inside and outside of places and they have lots of gold to buy your junk and have good items to sell also. A real perk is that any enemy that attacks where they are is toast so they will save your NPC and town folk..... Highly recommend this mod for the vendors but if you want unstoppable followers these are the most OP I have ever seen.




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