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[Patreon/Free][Unity] Infernus the Descent v0.0.11


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Infernus: The Descent is a lewd action RPG with heavy BDSM themes in which you play a succubus or incubus fighting to reclaim their power. After waking from a 3000 year slumber, you fight and fuck your way through Hell to become the most powerful demon.

Check out the free build on Itch (v0.0.10): https://team-infernus.itch.io/infernus-the-descent

The full game will feature isometric action combat and fully animated sex scenes with the monsters you defeat. In the human world, you rely on your wits rather than your might to seduce humans and steal their souls. As you rebuild your house, you can hire staff NPCs, each romanceable with unique stories, to aid you on your journey.

My team is currently working on implementing many of these core features, so there's not much content yet. There is a small combat area so you can try out the combat system, as well as a cafe in the human world with the beginnings of a seduction system implemented. You can also mess around in our house editor, though most of the furniture is currently patrons-only.

We would really appreciate any feedback you have for us! We want this game to be the best it can be. You can find all of our links at: https://www.patreon.com/teaminfernus We are also holding a limited time special event! Until December 27, all patrons at the $5 tier and above will get a gallery with scenes from the prototype build AND two brand new scenes as a thank you!

We also sometimes take part in 3-day game jams to make smaller lewd games and test out game concepts. Our most recent venture was Horny Demons: https://team-infernus.itch.io/horny-demons, a porny deckbuilding game in which you sacrifice your prisoners to lustful demons. We'd love your feedback on this one too!


WASD - Movement

Click - Interact / Attack

Right Click / 1 / 2 / 3 - Special Attack








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Version 0.0.10 went up at the beginning of the month. It has a lot of new house furnishing for you to decorate with. We also worked on a game named CamLife for Strawberry Jam 3, a camgirl simulator where you pleasure yourself to please your viewers. Get it free on itch.io and let us know what you think! Also be sure to check out the other awesome games from Strawberry Jam 3!

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