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This mod is in early alpha.


After some playing around in the CK and looking at other peoples mods posted here and on the Nexus I decided that its high time I spent some time and learned how to make a chartacter up from my Elder Scrolls Online experience. 


He is an argonian shaman called Left-Paw-Alight who was a hero of the 3 banner war roughly 3000 years ago. I will be making a back story about him and how he has managed to appear in Skyrim along with a quest, but for now this is just a simple test piece. 


As a shaman he should heal himself, cast flesh spells for protection, summon a flame atronach (for now) and turn undead. He also has the flame bolt spell. His starting equipment are mage robes for restoration. He will level up with the player with I hope balanced stats. 


I will be uploading this to the Nexus as well so Lovers Lab. Please leave comments in the thread or any problems you find with him. 


Location:- Falkreath mill pond. I used this as its less busy with other follower mods and easy to get to in early game. 



Future Features:- I hope to have some voice overs done for him at some point, a quest to find him and free him. Along with a story driven quest as he gets to know the player. I will also be taking apart other peoples scripts to see how they do special AI for their followers and see if I can make something special for Paws as in a special lesser power and the use of illusions. 


So please use him, abuse him and give him a good seeing to and let me know of any problems you find. 


As usual you will need the following mods installed.








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