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  1. I like the armour Melodic makes and puts here. But for some reason I am having problems with them. Some items will equip and then vanish when I come out of the inventory screen but remain equipped. And some will unequip themselves when I put on another item from the same set. So the Tricksters Nightingale armour for example. I put the belt on and then it will unequip itself when I put on the bikini top. Or the Pauldrons will be equipped, show up when I am in the inventory screen and then vanish once it closes.
  2. Just a heads up MxR just reviewed this mod video is on Youtube.
  3. Also look to Sisterhood of Dibela by the same guy who makes Hormones. Angrim's Apprentice is another one Radiant Prostitution Checking the Roads Harassment
  4. PSQ transformation textures and meshes are easy to get working. Some nice PSQ transformation packs out there. I just copy and pasted my body textures to the folders and found some horns, tails and wings along with meshes set them up and it all works. The main PSQ page even has a dummy folder for PSQ transformation telling you the folder structure and names for each file. Or you could do Angrim's Apprentice along with Nikita's Succubus Lite mod from the Nexus.
  5. I find yps still applies the makeup and hair effects along with the mutation to the feet so all my character can do is wear high heels. The tattoos I keep using the slave tats with the mod as it shows a characters journey because I also have PSQ installed which means after a while Sanguine trains my character into a succubus. My only problem I have is with the colour of the makeup that is applied as a bimbo, I will often look in racemenu and see if I can reduce the alpha down to "0" so I can apply my own colours. As a Dunmer the pink colour doesn't suit the look of the character, for humans its not so bad unless they are redguard then I run into the same problem. As a man in real life I have no idea on what colour eye makeup should be, but I got a feeling it should be darker to make the eyes stand out and either compliment the colour of the eyes or the outfit. I take far too long in the Racemenu at the start of the game to get the right look for each character and so looked into why my female characters looked like clowns, and so ended up reading makeup tips online. The only real solution to the pink colour problem is to remove that feature from the mod but introduce a new one that was mentioned above this post. Where as each time the character applies makeup via yps it adds to the bimbo hormone. Or offer a swatch of colours along with the skin and hair options, so the player can choose the colour of the makeup applied to suit the skin colour?
  6. The Breton mage started off as a mage assassin for the Dark Brotherhood. Now he is a mindless bimbo looking for a daedra heart. Thankfully I found a few during a mage guild quest, just got to get to a outcast now before the curse twists the feet so she can only wear high heels.
  7. She has a ticker in place that tracks fashion addiction. Maybe this could be linked into the bimbo hormone? She also has a gender lock ticker and potion for both male and female. I modified her .esp and have them added as random loot drops for cursed potions. On another note. A bit of a story. My Breton mage has just been transformed into a bimbo and so I went to Kynesgrove to see the Outcast. A dragon attacked and now she is dead. I guess I got to make my way to Solitude now and hope that Outcast is still alive. Tried healing the Outcast with the Bimbo spell healing hands but they are immune to it.
  8. Is it me or are the kneel, crawl and stand animations not working? I run FNIS when I installed the new version of this mod. Also I have over 300 other animations loaded would this be a problem?
  9. I have noticed this as well. I had to save one at Morvungser fort where you go to meet Sanguine in his Nigh to Remember quest. Otherwise the mages would of killed her. The poor outcasts really need some spells, weapons and armour other than the fist they use.
  10. Are the hormone levels working in the mod now? If so how do you reduce male/female hormones or increase their levels? What triggers those changes?
  11. Is the Hormone mechanic working in this new version? I tried out the bimbo curse and got the message saying "my brain has been rewired and now the curse is irreversible. But still managed to cure it with a daedra heart.
  12. I know what this is. It is a bug from Hormones triggering part of the YPS immersive fashion quest from the Mages College in Winterhold. Did you smudge your nail polish as a bimbo? If so you will start to get these messages as it is linked to the polish monitor from the quest in YPS.
  13. Depends on what you want. The last release of the mod was 3.2.8a. You do not need the RnD file unless you use Realistic Needs and Diseases installed. The Dummy Files are blank files to show you the naming convention on how to make your own succubus body. I use just textures for the body and wings/tail as well which you need the mesh for as well as the textures. Look back on the forum there are plenty of pages to guide you.
  14. I disabled Farkus's schlong in SOS. Seems to of fixed it for me, managed to get past the crash point and then re-enable his sos latter on.
  15. You need to switch on Hybrid mode for the PSQ mod in the MCM and switch off the STD option also in the PSQ MCM. Then you can become a vampire and succubus.
  16. If I remember right that quest is not yet complete and DeepBlueFrog is still working on it.
  17. If you use a vampire mod PSQ uses the same kind of scripts and can cause problems with it. My problem is if I am a vampire before switching on the PSQ mod (become the succubus) then it will cure me of my vampire abilities. But if I am a succubus before being a vampire I can have both abilities active.
  18. I have my characters body colour tinted to go purple after sex. I am playing a Breton at the moment and her skin goes a kind of bluish pink colour. Is this normal? In the last version of hormones my character turned a red colour like Sanguine when I set it to red. Has the colour swatches been mixed better or do they not apply a solid colour in the new version?
  19. Nice pictures what ENB do you use?
  20. I have found a strange problem with the devious devices and restrictive boots. During the animation my character will move up and down during the animation causing them to miss align all the time. Anyone know of a fix for this?
  21. You level up by having sex with npcs. It is not a actual character level instead the succubus level goes up and this can be seen in the mcm for the mod. Soul gem pregnancy is a bit slow but you do not need soul gems in your inventory. You conceive them through having sex and then waiting till they grow. Personally I use Soul Gem Oven III as it is a better mod than the add on for PSQ.
  22. Is there a way to have it so Angrim out of Angrim's Apprentice could buy the player as well as selling them?
  23. Take a look at this one, I have used it in the past myself. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/368-shaydows-vampirelord-overhaul/
  24. So you can be sold to Angrim as a slave if you use Simple Slavery? Does this work for both male and female characters?
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