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About This File

Hello and welcome this standalone where it was formerly known CHJandroid patch. It will reside here for easy access and convenient updates. The purpose of the standalone originally was to add genitals to the CHJandroids though some extra stuff was added later. As a result I plan to add some new features or improve on current ones. It all depends on suggestions made or ideas I come up with to help make it a better experience.




  • Tabs
  • Android Genitals
  • Mechanoid Genitals (experimental)
  • Alien Race Compatibility (long living aliens now have a sex drive)
  • Animal Needs
  • Slime and Demon Genital Surgery
  • Better Nymphs
  • Better Humpshroom cultivation (It grows faster and can use normal farmland)
  • Higher Aphrodisiac Prices (4 humpshroom for one aphrodisiac is quite a bit so the product should not cost less than the sum of its ingredients) 
  • More may come


Ex Features

  • Naturally Spawning Futas (only in version 1.9.5B2.1)




It's standalone so RJW does not need to be installed prior


  1. Extract
  2. Drop files into mods folder




Simply delete RJW files from mods folder


Update/adding patch


If you need to update delete the files contained in RJW then replace them with the new one's


If you have RJW (original) follow above direction


Final Notes


Suggestions, ideas, or even help is welcomed. Don't be afraid to report any bugs either pertaining to this patch. Keep in mind some bugs may be from RJW itself and not so much the patch though I will check if you do report it. I simply ask for some patience since I don't have much experience modding Rimworld so help is truly welcomed. Anyone who is interested can make their contributions to this patch by messaging me (You will be credited). You may not get an immediate response as my personal life is quite busy, but I will try my best to respond.



Special Notes


Want better compatibility with Questionable Ethics? Want a few extra body parts for your colonists enjoyment? If you answers yes to either of these checkout Reqi's RJW and QE Patch link provided





TAImatem Providing Animal Needs Fix

Void Main Op

Superhotsausage Ex Dev

Zaltys Dev

Ed86 Dev

TheSleeplessSorclock Coding, addon

Artrer Fixing

rwmeow Coding

luythen improving and RJW Lite

Cypress Mod Compatibility

Pantheress Patching

Ziehn milk addon

SlicedBread new Icons

Bucky Bondage sprites

Asdiky Russian translation
exoxe & co Korean translation

Skömer Hosting the Original mod

UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library

pardeike Harmony library

Loverslab We all know why


Congratulations to everyone who has done their part for this mod you have made it to the credits hall of fame

What's New in Version 1.9.6B.1


  • A base update to at least fix the breeding issue (There is still fixes needed to be made for this breeder colonists don't work properly)





  • Updated to most recent version


  • Corrected pawn designation (you should be able to designate pawns for breeding and rape like before if you can't let me know)


  • Integrated TAImatem's patch


  • Corrected mistake with nymphos


Note: Mechanoid genitals are not yet implemented wanted to see how genderless futa handles them. Will add back on request if I forget to do it.


  • TAImatem's fix on the animal_get_horny_too patch added to downloads simply download and drop the file in the patches folder. It fixes some errors that can be found in debug.


  • Updated to latest version of RJW


  • Reorganized and renamed tabs


Note: Let me know if anything is off (missing features or odd bugs as examples) since the recent version of RJW is save breaking and a lot of features have been added. A list of modified files is provided and will be updated accordingly.


Screenshots will be updated and pre 1.9.6 will be available here on out for the sake preserving people's saves





Made some bug fixes based on TAlmatem's recommendations


Edit (2/21/2019): More bug fixes involving crocodile, demon, and slime genitals


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