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Simple Lunar Eclipse for WickedWhims 1.0.0

About This File


Made by LunarisEclipse.



Requires WickedWhims or newer.



Re-release of the Lunar Eclipse penis mod made by LunarisEclipse. This version only contains the basic male and female mesh for the soft and hard (rigged) penis. Skin tone overrides as well as tattoo overlays have been removed and the penis uses the base game skin tones with automatically applied details. There are no additional details included with this release, it's an exact copy of the original mod with a simplified implementation.


The original mod is not being updated anymore and with the release of WickedWhims it stopped being compatible.

This mod uses the rigged version made by Vampiressa (link).



1. Extract the LunarEclipse_Simple_Penis.zip archive.

2. Move the LunarEclipse_Simple_Penis.package file to the Sims 4 Mods folder.

3. In-game, select the Lunar Eclipse Soft and/or Hard Penis using the Body Selector.


This mod belongs to LunarisEclipse.

If you're interested in updating this - improving textures, or implementing visible condoms, go ahead.

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