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  1. It might not be caused by other penis models, but by the skin you're using. Have you tested it with different skins?
  2. If you have Eco Living there's an anoying neighborhood action plan called Sharing is caring that makes npcs steal things from lots. Check that it isn't active on the neighbourhood where the club is located and, if it is, vote to repel it. Also disable npc voting on the game options to prevent the game from chosing it again at random.
  3. Do you have any custom trait? They broke with the adition of sentiments and mess up the UI
  4. You have to check the Uncompressed sim textures option, otherwise they'll be compressed (lower quality)
  5. That's the animation tags fault, not WickedWhims'. You should report it to its creator, they may have set the gender recognition tag the other way around on that specific stage of the sequence
  6. Even if changes where at the top of the page in big red letters they wouldn't read them. It's no one else's job to keep people informed on what's in the mod, that's something each one of us has to do by ourselves. The link to the changelog is right at the bottom of the download page, it has always been, but is easier to just ignore everything, download the mod without knowing what's in it and how it works and come here complaining when something breaks because they are lazy. As for the many options... well, the mod is getting more and more complex with each new feature and als
  7. Mi comprensión lectora está perfectamente, aunque no se puede decir lo mismo de la tuya. No solo eso sino que te contradices a ti mismo, pero ok... Solo te dirigiste a mi UNA vez en mi post, en la época en la que ya estaba falta de tiempo por cuestiones personales y no podía leer/responder a todo. Como ya te he dicho, no es nada personal que no te respondiera, no voy por ahí mirando los comentarios y eligiendo cuáles responder y cuáles no. Simplemente no podía responder a todos, pero al parecer para tí debería haber empleado un tiempo que no tenía en responderte, si no soy una desagradeci
  8. ¿Me puedes explicar cómo puedo haber respondido a críticas sin haberlas recibido? TODOS los post que he contestado hasta ahora han sido de dudas, preguntas sobre si iba a traducir más mods o comentarios de otra gente que se ofreció a continuar con la traducción cuando avisé de que iba a dejarla. Si alguna vez no he respondido a algún comentario puede ser porque: Falta de tiempo Pasar de contestar a gente que no se molesta en leer el FAQ y los comentarios anteriores y preguntar cosas que ya estaba harta de responder y al final agotan la paciencia a cualquiera No lo vi Co
  9. If you type ww.help in the console you'll get a list of all the WhickedWhims commands
  10. WickedWhims already removes the mosaic censor, you don't need any extra files.
  11. It isn't an issue, that's how it works... WickedWhims doesn't add any body type, what it does is replace the vanilla nude body parts with other improved models that have genitals and nipples and no pink underwear texture.
  12. I doub it's an upload problem, me and many others have downloaded it with no trouble . It must be something on your end. Try the download links on WW's website and if that doesn't work maybe a different browser will do the trick. No, there isn't such a mechanism and I hope it never exists. We would see many more complains here and that's the least this thread needs...
  13. Some antivirus do that, they detect the file as a false positive and delete it. Other users have had the same issue in the past. If it happens again try dissabling your antivirus before downloading WW.
  14. Remember WW is first and mostly a sex mod, most people would find that feature tedious and useless. The mod already has many things that should have been optional separate modules so people can choose what they want in their game instead of having to install the full 55MB mod and disable manually everything they don't want. Some features still appear in gameplay after disabling them. F.ex I have naturism disabled and I keep getting notifications from sims gaining the naturism skill... I also don't use the pubic hair feature, but my game still has to load all of its data (that
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