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SH's bound animations SLAL pack [Development stopped] V2.11

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About This File

Do not send me personal messages if you have trouble installing this mod.

That's what the support thread is for.

I will ignore these messages.


Spent my time making some animations.
Thought to myself why not share it and be motivated to make more.


This is to be expected an SLAL pack which includes bound style animations, mainly for creatures only.

These are meant to be somewhat not consensual? Make of it what you like.


Currently this mod has 4 animations + custom furniture. 


Horse bound breeding 1 (7 stages)


Stage 1: 

 Stage 2:

Stages 3 to 7: look in game, don't want to spoil everything :^)


All stages are looped except stage 4.


Horse bound breeding 2 (5 stages)


Canine bound breeding 1 (7 stages)


Troll bound breeding 1 (5 stages)




Exactly the same way other SLAL packs are installed.


  1. Check the requirements.
  2. Check the requirements AGAIN.
  3. Download this mod.
  4. Install using your favorite mod manager.
  5. Run FNIS
  6. Enable and register the animation in the SLAL menu (SHanim Furniture)


To get horse dongs, get More Nasty Critters


If there are issues, please post them in the support thread and I will try my best to help out.


Some notes:


  • I personally use the UUNP body so things might not "fit" on your end if you use a different body.
    That's what Sexlab's animation positioner is for.
  • This mod is an animation pack, so it doesn't have anything to trigger them.
  • The player will have parts of her body clip in the log of Horse Bound Breeding 1.
    I never had an issue that this happens, so I'm not going to make a new device just for it.


  • I made 2 versions of the wooden log thing.
    One has a leather band, one doesn't (check picture).
    The default one is the one without to prevent any clipping with larger or smaller bodies. 
    You can change them by going into meshes\AnimObjects\SHanim_Furn and renaming SH_log1B.nif to SH_log1.nif
    Make sure to backup the old file first.


Pfiffy was kind enough to port this over to Skyrim: Special Edition.
So for those who want it on SE, the link below is where to find it.





  • Pornphile + AnubiSs2167 for the rigs
  • Ashal for Sexlab Framework
  • Rydin for his SLAL guide
  • SirNibbles on how to make nice animation previews
  • ZaZ for the resources used
  • Textures.com for nice wood textures
  • Nosdregamon for his Animobjects guide
  • The people who helped me out making animations (On site + the Discord server) ?





If you would like to use these in a mod, please contact me first via PM or post it in the comments.

Do NOT reupload this to another site. This pack will be on Loverslab only.



Lastly, PLEASE post suggestions in the comment section (bound + creatures preferred).
I don't always have inspiration so let me know if there are things u would like to see.
If it interests me enough, I will try to fiddle with it.

What's New in Version V2.11



  • Added support for Special Edition ( Thanks to tznvlw )


  • Added the right .esp this time.
    Furniture should now appear for the new animations.



  • Added 2 new animations:
    • Troll Bound Breeding 1
      • Female + Troll
      • 5 Stages
    • Horse Bound Breeding 2
      • Female + Horse
      • 5 stages



  • Canine Bound Breeding 1 now works with dogs as well.
    Existing users: download the patch file and let it overwrite the original one.
    + Go into the SLAL MCM menu and press "reload JSON data" and "reapply JSON settings".


  • Removed SLAnimGenerateForMNCv11.pyw file as users shouldn't need it.



  • Added new animation: Canine Bound Breeding 1
    • Female + Wolf
    • 7 stages
  • Restructured texture folder



Edited .JSON file

  • When the last stage is over, the animation will now end itself instead of looping over and over.
  • Added "add_cum=Vaginal" tag because it breaks inflation for some people and I always forget to put the correct lines in my source file.
  • Added missing rope textures because I always forget to properly check if I have all the files in my mod.

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