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Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Playground





Dear Community!


Because this mod was quite beloved in the past, I also made this version for Zap 8.0 and higher.

You have to play with ZAP 8 or higher because lot of the meshes are taken from the ZAP resource.

If not, you will have holes in the ground and holes in the walls.




3 new characters with their unique hair, one internal jail faction, a special trap with release, depending on NPC movement and a bunch of free usable ZAP furnitures and smart furnitures are waiting for you. You also will have a more nice decoration of the whole inn, water bondage area, 2 very cute pools  and a lot of different cages and furnitures. If you steal things downstairs, you may be get in arrest. You can´t "sleep" your time in jail "away", pay attention!




You can play this mod with quest-mods of your choice that take advance of zap-furnitures.

Whiterun city-area got also some furniture that can be used as well.




Because of a total crash in some month ago, this mod got completly renewed.

The green water-fog effects and  falling glitter-effects I´ll add later again.

I´ll also add some zap 9 furnitures in future.

There are not the same furnitures like in the past but some more will come with updates.








skyrim/update/dragonborn/dawnguard/ZaZ Animation Pack 8.0 / 8.0 plus







IF you play with "ModWhiterun" , you can exchange that mod ´s esp with my edited one (download), because I changed some tree´s positions and it´s much more better suiting. Also the flowers around the market-place had to leave because there is a complete new market place with a different well and custom pillories now. 









What's New in Version 8.01 PATCH


PATCH for 8.0


This is a PATCH for the existing 8.0.


You can instead also replace the content esp with the old one manually for best. In that case you have only one mod standing inside of the Mod Manager.


THIS patch....

-deletes the (stupid) inn-sign  on the well

-changes the potential follower faction parameter of the "girlies" to -1:    -so you first have to talk to them to become your follower


Thank you, valcon767 , for reporting this;-))


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