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About This File

What's all this?

These are voicepacks for Paradise Halls and its famous addons Diary of Mine, Home Sweet Home and And you get a Slave for the all in one slavemaster experience now fully dubbed in English.


How did you create the voices?

I used Dan Rutas SKVASynth which is an "AI tool for generating high-quality voice acting lines using voices from video games". So every NPC will use it's correct voice when saying the new lines. Like this:




Will this kill my save-game?

No, these are all just audio files packet into an BSA Archive, you can install, update or remove them whenever. No scripts that run and nothing that gets saved to your game.


I have an older / never version of PAHE or DoM or XXX. Can I still use the voicepack?

That depends. Most of the time, only a few lines change from one version to the next, if even. Most likely you will still have 95% of the dialogue dubbed, only the new lines will be silent. Worst case scenario, you won't hear any audio or the dub doesn't match the subtitles. I will try to keep up with the mod version, especially when a lot of things get changed in the dialogues, which is the case for DoM major version, the DoM 3.4.x voicepack will work for all DoM 3.4 version, DoM 4 however changes quite a lot, so the v3 voicepack will not work with DoM v4.


I'm still using Skyrim LE?

When you use MO2 as your Mod Manager you can just tell it to unpack the BSA and use the loose files. (Don't do that when your have SE, since the SE Engine suffers from greatly increased loading times when there are too many loose files and the voicepacks have a LOT of files.) You can repack the BSA with the old LE file version with this tool, but that's optional.


I can't hear anything?

Did you run FNIS?

Jokes aside, did you install the file to the correct folder? (use a Mod Manager) Do you use LE and forgot to unpack the BSA files? Do you have the main mods installed?


Why are all files just .URL?

Well, since there are quite a lot of audio files, the packs tend to become quite large, from ~1GB for HSH and AYGAS to around 3GB for DoM and LL does not like big files, so these are download links to the MEGA Filehoster. (If you now a better way of doing that, let me now.)


DoM 5.1:

  • all ~160k lines for all voices in one pack (3,9GB)
  • all in loose files, so compatible with Skyrim LE/SE/VE
  • sythezised with the new v3 voice models for even better quality
  • all voices post-processed with ffmpeg denoise, de-ess und sxr upscaler for 16Bit 44.100 Hz quality
  • all lines processed with CK lip synchronization


DoM 4.0:

  • One Pack to rule them all
  • Includes all Voices in two BSA archives
  • generated with the (new outdated) v2 voices of xvasynth


PAHE 8.1.9+:

  • works with PAH 8.2.0
  • All unique and none unique voices in one BSA.
  • The ESP is empty and ESL flagged. It's just there to trigger the loading of the BSA.


HSH 1.29+:

  • works with HSH 1.33b
  • The pack includes all unique and non unique voices.
  • generated with the (new outdated) v2 voices of xvasynth


AYGAS 0.60a+:

  • works with AYGAS 0.63b
  • The pack includes all unique and non unique voices.
  • generated with the (new outdated) v2 voices of xvasynth


SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping 2023:

  • since the last Voicepack for TDF I found was still for an old version and created with XVASynth 1, I just went ahead and made a new one
  • packed into BSA
  • synthesized with v3 voice models
  • all voices post-processed
  • all lines with CK lip synchronization

Edited by Jasmine92
new TDF 2023 Voicepack

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