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[BFACCA] BeeingFemale Addon - Creature Child Actors 0.33

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About This File

This is a Addon for BeeingFemale, which adds Creature child actors (puppies) for pretty much all of the races supports by SL-Animations.


The child actors have the same functionality as the standard BeeingFemale children, while their appearance is that of a miniaturized version of the grown creature. However most of them won't be able to use weapons/armor or use magic. Exceptions: Rieklings can use 2h-swords, Spriggans can use their health absorb spell... etc (btw. they have human voices.. :ph34r: )


The children / puppies / cubs / whelps will grow over time using the built-in BeeingFemale system.


NPC child actors are supported as well.


The actors use a custom race, have the SexlabForbid-keyword and are part of the SexLabForbiddenActors-Faction, so it is not possible for them to be animated by SL-Animations.


I have also included separate vanilla (female/unisex) creature meshes for the female actors, so they don't get schlongified by MNC / CreatureFramework.


- BeeingFemale and its dependencies -> http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1284-beeingfemale/
--> use BFACCA v0.3(fix1) for BeeingFemale v2.7.2 and earlier
--> use BFACCA v0.32+ for BeeingFemale v2.8 with the new AddonManager


- Sexlab: needed for SL-animation blocking keywords :wacko:
-> http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/


- MoreNastyCritters -> optional and compatible (see above)


- Download archive, that matches your skyrim DLC configuaration
v0.3: V = just vanilla; V+DG = only dawnguard; V+DB = only dragonborn; V+DG+DB = all DLCs = legendary edition
v0.32: noDLCs = just vanilla; onlyDragonborn/Dawnguard = if you only have one DLC installed; allDLCs = all DLCs ;)
(you don't need to install the 'noDLCs' aswell)


- Install archive using MO / NMM or manual installation
- Load your game and check the AddOn-Tab in the BeeingFemale MCM for the BFA_CreatureChildAcors_V+... record


It should be possible to install this addon at any time, even if an NPC or the Player is already pregnant. However child actors that have already been born will not be affected or changed into creatures, if their parents were creatures.


How to disable/enable the AddOn:
- go to the BeeingFemale MCM
- open the AddOn tab, where you can see all the installed AddOns
- click on BFA_CreatureChildActors_V+... to see more options and disable/enable it, when necessary


Note about the merged plugins:
Due to the way I built the addons for the different DLCs, the FormIDs of some edits are slightly different between the different merged esps.
So switching between the different esps for vanilla/DG/DB/allDLCs mid-game is not recommended, if creature children have already been born in your savegame, as they might disappear or other unwanted effects mighty occur.


- remove the old version, install the new one, load your game and wait for the new addons to be initialised


List of supported races:


- (Frost/regular) Troll
- (brown/black/snow) Bear
- Dog
- Chaurus (/ -Hunter -> spawns regular Chaurus)
- Alduin / Dragon
- (male) Falmer
- Giant
- Horse
- Fox
- (snowy) Sabre Cat
- Frostbite Spider
- Wolf
- (Venomfang) Skeever
- Spriggan
- Goat
- Elk
- Deer
- Hare/Rabbits
- Horkers
- Dwarven Centurion and other Automatons


spawns a dwarven sphere :D



- (brute/sentinel/green) Gargoyle
- (armored Trolls -> spawns regular Trolls)
- (Death Hound -> spawns regular Dog)
- Husky
- Vale Sabre Cat


- Riekling
- Seeker
- Lurker
- Frost/Ghost Giant
- Boar (/ Mounted Riekling -> spawns a Boar)
- Netch
- Ash hopper


I tried to support all creatures that can be animated using sexlab with of the latest version of MNC. As more become available and widely accessible through MNC or new animations, I will add them. If I missed any, please let me know.


Known issues:
- Dragon child actors animations are really buggy. Sometimes their wings get folded under them, they have trouble with clipping then walking up slopes and they start flying in a fight and don't ever seem to land afterwards. I recommend disabling this RaceAddon in the Addon-tab of BeeingFemales MCM for now.. or create a save before birth, so you can still disable it (should spawn a Nord child actor, if disabled).
- Dawnguard Frost Giants will create regular Giant child actors, because they use the regular Giant race, whereas the Dragonborn Frost Giants have their own race.
- Seeker child actors seem to be unable to fight / attack an enemy
- Horse child actors can also be mounted, so it can be difficult to talk to them :D
- Boars and Netches somehow have no voice acting (Hello, Bye etc.). But they still have the full BF-dialogue.


-> If anyone can help with these issues, please post in the support thread or send me a pm. :)


Change Log:




- fixed some errors with unresolved FormIDs in some FormID Lists that were leftover from merging while creating the files. shouldn't be anything critical, more cosmetical.


- added *.ini files needed for the new AddOn Manager in BeeingFemale v2.8
- removed the AddOn-Quests, that are no longer needed


v0.3fix1: (only for V+DG+DB version)
- rebuilt / remerged V+DG+DB plugin
- fixed invisible female child actors for horses, dogs, huskys, sabrecats (vale), gargoyles (brute) and skeevers


- added hare(bunny), horker and dwarven automatons


v0.2 fix1:
- added missing goat, deer and elk actors.
(only affects DB, DG and DB+DG addons. The vanilla addon had them included already.)


- ordered esm masters in the correct order
support for new races:
- vanilla: added goats, deers, elks
- dragonborn: added boars/mounted rieklings, Ashhoppers and Netches
v0.1 :
- initial release


- milzschnitte for creating BeeingFemale and providing support
- Ashal for Sexlab
- some youtube-tutorials, whose creators probably don't want to be named here, for teaching me CK
- LL for being LL ^_^
- Lydia and the frost troll on the way to High Hrothgar for kindly inspiring me to create this addon.. :wacko:
and they talk like human children..

What's New in Version 0.33


  • v0.33:
  • - fixed some errors with unresolved FormIDs in some FormID Lists that were leftover from merging while creating the files.

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