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This mod makes it so that adulthood is moved from the base game 16 years of age to 14 years of age.

This is very loosely based upon an essay in medieval history from the University of Exeter which places adulthood at the age of puberty during these times, which was considered to be 12 for females and 14 for males. However, older ages from 15 to 20 were more common.

One benefit is you are able to get your children out of your court sooner

The mod also changes when personality traits are given and keeps the skill increase rate the same despite the 2 year shorter education period. However, due to the complexity of the Education system in game, I have yet to dig into changing the age when the Education reward is given, so that will still occur at age 16.

Be sure to let me know if you find any bugs. This is my first mod.

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**** Change Log ****

Version 1.2
Filled in the missing portions of the mod so that now the Education trait reward will fire at age 14, and the childhood personality traits should also be removed.

Version 1.1:
Fixed an issue where adults at the start of the game who were 14 & 15 would never receive an education trait. They will not get a trait assigned like before, however children who are under 14 and are being educated, will still have to wait until 16 to receive their education trait.

Version 1.0
Where it all began... Changed adulthood from default 16 to 14, which allows you to marry your kids off sooner, not just betrothe them.

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What's New in Version 1.2


Changed the .mod file to hopefully fix the file directory issue. Please let me know if it is still having issues.

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