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Sex Animations, More Character Shapes, and Models for Easier Animation 1.2.2

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Credit to WaffleIron, whose Simple Shafts/Simple Slits mod provided a lot of the assets I used to make this mod.

(Edit: I realized this needed to be placed somewhere visible. If you have the animation coded into an event you will now need to click on the event theme icon in the top left hand corner of the event window. I've turned this icon into a button that toggles whether to use the multi character cameras or the vanilla cameras. This will prevent any issues with floating characters, enable you to code your animations to any of the five portrait character slots, and eventually it will enable up to five characters per animation (if the engine can handle it) without messing up every vanilla event animation.)

(Edit: I get this question a bit so here is the way you would code this animation into the Carnalitas example sex scene.)

    left_portrait = {
        character = scope:carn_sex_player
        outfit_tags = { no_cloak no_hat no_pants no_clothes }
        animation = sex
    right_portrait = {
        character = scope:carn_sex_target
        outfit_tags = { no_cloak no_hat no_pants no_clothes }
        triggered_animation = {
                                trigger = { scope:carn_sex_target = { sex_opposite_of = scope:carn_sex_player } }
                                animation = sex


        triggered_animation = {
                                trigger = { scope:carn_sex_target = { sex_same_as = scope:carn_sex_player } }
                                animation = hom_sex



(Edit: After update 1.3 the mod grew too large to be included in a single upload. I've divided it into 3 files that you need to combine on your end. As a plus this should resolve issues people were having with unzipping I believe. Just copy the gfx folder from the unzipped male and female folders into the unzipped char_body_overhaul file and install as normal.)

(Edit: In order to be compatible with Simple Shafts/Slits this mod needs to be lower in the load order)

(Edit: I've added the functionalities of disrobed ruler designer and nude outfit designer. As such I want to give credit to PerpetualPanic and WardenofEphara for creating the original mods, I just updated them so that they wouldn't use the clothed body shapes. )

Quick disclaimer in terms of compatibility and installing. This is only the second mod I've uploaded on here. The first one (Sex Event Window, which is included here only slightly modified) was small and was only really a modder tool/proof of concept. This mod is honestly massive (I'll get into why later). Although I've been able to do stuff in game that I know is in demand, I don't have any experience actually uploading mods onto here. Its very possible I left out a mod file or something that's needed to install it, so please let me know. Also although I know these files work on my computer I'm very disorganized and have bits of code everywhere, I've tried to clean it up but its a mess. So I created this mod specifically to be uploaded and only included the files that are necessary. It's possible that I left a necessary file out. If that's the case please let me know.

Animations - Included in the mod are 2 animations per gender "sex" and "hom_sex" neither of these are coded into any events. In order to use these animations you need to create an event with the animations coded in. If the event is meant to refer to heterosexual sex both characters need to be coded with the "sex" animation, if the event is referring to homosexual sex one character needs to be coded as "hom_sex." For males the character with the hom_sex animation will be the bottom, for females the character coded as hom_sex will be on top.

Base Character Models - The base character models have been rigged to be more easily animated. I've added 6 bones to the male body (penis, left/right breast, stomach, left/right butt cheek) for females 7 bones have been added (same thing but left/right vagina lips instead of penis). The difficulty in getting this to work is kind of why I uploaded this. In order to maintain compatibility with the base game's clothing/animations I needed to create new versions of every animation/article of clothing. 

In terms of the shape the male is based on WaffleIron's penis size min. The female is based on WaffleIron's pussy blendshape (they also use WaffleIron's diffuses and textures). 

Clothing - All of the clothing in the game has been updated so that characters won't clip out of them (not much at least).

Shape Overview - In order to upload the base models I needed to include blendshapes that would be compatible. This gave me the motivation to finish up some files that give characters a wider variety of shapes. The screenshots pictured above are the sizes that are in the gene file included in the mod. However, it's not my job to tell you how big is too big, so where possible I doubled the shape. This means that the gene file is only set up to use half of the potential of any given attribute. I figure if you think something is too big you can easily reduce the number in the gene file but you can't go higher than 1.0. I'll not which shapes can be doubled below.

Bigger Breasts - I've seen a couple mods that increase breast size, but I've felt that most of them seem too high up. Here I've brought the breasts down a little, so that they seem more affected by gravity. As in the base game there are two breast sizes, breast_size_2_max that represents naked breasts and breast_size_max that is represents breasts being held up by clothing. Both the clothed and naked breasts can be doubled.

Bigger Butts - I've seen this requested a lot, but to my knowledge this is the first mod to include variable but sizes. I've included a butt size min (that I'm sure you will all be excited about) and a butt size max, two for females, one for males. For females butt_size_max increases hip size in addition to butt size, butt_size_2_max doesn't make the hips any bigger. Butt size 2 was basically just an early attempt and then I realized the variety was nice. The gene file includes three different butt size versions. Two that only use one shape, and a third that uses a mix of the two. If I've coded the ethnicity file right 50% of characters should get the mix gene, and 25% get narrow/wide hips. The wide hip version can be doubled, the narrow hip female version cannot be doubled (without increasing hip size making the butt any bigger would look weird). The male version cannot be doubled (making guy butts is surprisingly difficult because of the shape).

Penis Sizes - I've included a larger penis size then was in the simple shafts mesh, I've also tried to give it a head shape, since even an uncircumsized penis will have a head shape. This could really benefit from a diffuse/texture but I don't have any skill in creating those. As I said before the base mesh uses the simple shafts penis size min, this allows the erection morph to work properly (otherwise you get a flat penis). The simple shafts penis size gene has been modified to include two templates penis_size and erection_size. People should only inherit the penis_size version but if an animation is created with portrait modifier "erection" the gene will be modified to use the erection gene for that animation. This means that the erection in the animation will be based on the characters penis size outside the animation. Finally because having a giant penis with normal sized balls just looks weird starting at 50% of gene value the characters balls will start getting bigger too. Penis size, erection size, and ball size can all be doubled. 

Pregnancy - I've increased breast size in the pregnancy mesh and tried to shape them so they look like they are sitting on top of a pregnant belly. So a pregnant woman's breasts will grow along with her stomach. Also included is a mesh called "pregnancy_2" but it isn't included in any gene file. I intend for it to eventually be used so that women with twins (or more) get larger, but that is a future plan not in the scope of this mod. Pregnancy can't be doubled (although you could add pregnancy_2 to your pregnancy gene if you want).

Fat Max - I always felt that the way the base game references fat characters makes it seem that they are fatter than they look (I also feel like a person whose religion says they should eat to excess would be massive. Honestly if I knew how much work would need to go into making this work I wouldn't have done it, but I constantly thought I was almost done. Regardless it is still the mesh most likely to clip. What's in the gene file is about double the paradox mesh (although the stomach sags more). This mesh can be doubled.

Fat Min - This mesh is here to make you feel even worse when you forget a person in your dungeon for a decade. It is a doubled version of the paradox gaunt mesh with the stomach slightly sunken.

Muscular - The arms were created by adding two (maybe three?) paradox muscular meshes together. Although I understand that the paradox muscular mesh has the stomach expand because the abdominal muscles are getting larger, its kind of disappointing to have a more muscular character look fatter. So I flattened the stomach on both meshes and added definition the the abs. So that it doesn't look like the character perpetually skips leg day I increased the butt size of the meshes. Finally it seemed like the base mesh didn't do much of anything to increase the size of the pectoral muscles. For male characters I sculpted the pecs from scratch. For female characters I just increased the size of the chest above the breast (since I didn't want to mess with the breasts themselves) to create an effect that (I think) looks like the pec has grown underneath. As noted above the gaunt mesh is added at the lower value of the muscular mesh. Base game has the muscular gene coded 0-1 I've coded it (-1)-1 so that the increased muscles size doesn't result in a world of muscle bound characters. This mesh can't be doubled (if the muscles get any larger they become sharp looking and clip each other.

I think that's it. Sorry if its a bit of an info overload. My intent in adding this is hoping other people can animate too. So I wanted to go into detail to allow other people to build off this.

What's New in Version 1.2.2


Thanks to @HerChianti I was able to isolate at least two of the issues that were causing the skeletal characters. As an added bonus this also means that I added the functionalities of disrobed ruler designer and nude outfit designer. As such I want to give credit to PerpetualPanic and WardenofEphara for creating the original mods, I just updated them so that they wouldn't use the clothed body shapes. 

I also fixed an issue with the weight painting on the female characters which caused like five vertices to behave weirdly causing what looked like a skin flap.

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