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BtN's CBBE Testing ground (Naughty TWB, CBBE RIP, +2, and Special) Naughty

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Yep... It's been a while since I edited this page.


So.... I've been:

Tinkering with Animated Fannies, True Wasteland Body, and 3BBB (what a wonderful world).

Test build is called: Naughty TWB 3BBB


This should have all of TWB's sliders on the animated fannies body (along with AF's Vag and anus sliders).

Along with 3BBB bouncing bits (and vag and anus bones).


Now to turn off FG and redownload all of Vtaw's sets in TWB (cause reasons)...




Currently for "Testing" purposes only....
CBBE Special v.02
Changed the UV on the Labia bit (and renamed it from coochie to labia... cause reasons).
Edited UV will use the body textures in the areas they are on for the CBBE texture.
Note: you will need add the labia bit (located in the tools\temp folder) to what ever CBBE texture set you are usings femalebody_d.dds and femalebodydirty_d.dds files (those are located in your game directory \Textures\actors\character\basehumanfemale and/or \Textures\actors\character\PlayerHumanFemale for people that use a custom texture set for the player character).
Again CBBE +2 is still included in the package, and both CBBE +2 and CBBE Special are weighted with Cherry Hotalings bouncing bones.... Enjoy.
Note: Print Screen of UV map for Labia was added (last 3 shots I've added as of mar 27th)


CBBE Plus...
Different Labia doesn't require reworking the femalebody textures as it relies on the photex texture set (need to convert the normal and spec dds files to FO4 format).
I got bored and decided to try with a mesh that didn't muck with the base textures.... so anyway.... CBBE Plus up for testing.






CBBE Special....
It is an experiment in adding extra bits to the main body via a second mesh.


In a nut shell...



Tinkering Tinkering damn am I tinkering....


So what happens when you take the extra bit from UN7B and slap it onto the CBBE body and Use Cherry Hot's Bone weights.... Something Special is what happens.
Currently in the testing phase, completely usable in game..... but yeah testing phase....


Note: I was hoping Alan would have done something like this when he created the Foot Fetish body... but alas he made that one for feet.... me, I'm into something a little kindier.


Note 2: Moved the UV around on the extra bit to line up with the extra piece that was added into the CBBE Genetials mod (texture for body included). If you want to use other cbbe textures you will need to add the bits into the texture set (diffuse, normal, and spec) or it might not look right.... yeah PITA (pain in the ASSSSSSSSSSS)... but what ever.


Note 3: CBBE Special also includes the Roid Rage Slider and a foot angle slider from CBBE +2 (don't use the foot angle until we get a NiOverride for heights into FO4).... I was Kinda Future Proofing in my testing (I guess).


Again: All for testing purposes only.... users beware.


So yeah... test it, play with it...
Note: I need to get permissions from Alan (for the UN7B mesh part) and who ever did the cbbe genitals mod for the textures....) and probably fine tune the uv map on the extra bit (again it is a test, have a stated that)....


Irony if I could have figured out how to invert the depth of field on the normal maps I'ld have gone with a different mesh for the addon and a different texture set... but I digress.... testing testing 1 2 3....










Old Description


So I was looking at Nightasy's Jane Body and thought "Damn those Muscle Tone and Definition Sliders would look good on the CBBE body".


So then I started playing around with meshes and trying to make a version of the jane body that looked like the default FO4 CBBE body so I could rip the sliders (okay so I was lazy and just built it into one body shape).


After a little bit of mucking around in outfit studio I ended up with a musclar cbbe build that has a 3d hair mesh for the landing strip trim (oops probably shouldn't have done that).


Oh well this is just a test anyway and I'm not going to update it...
Instead I'm hoping Cell or Caliente will update CBBE with a set of Muscle sliders (hopefully before a large amount of armors get converted over to FO4 and then need to be updated for support of the new sliders).


Also included is the preset that I use "Bombshell Small Ass"... Simply put it is a modified version of the bombshell preset with a smaller hip and ass area. I'm probably going to drop the breast size slider from 100 down to say 50 cause they are just too damn big.




PS... The outfit in the shots is standalone version of 2pac's Silver Shroud (comes with a jetpack and target tracking).






So I've been playing with Maya for the last couple of days and finally go a good jane body to cbbe (and cbbe to jane body file create).
So now I've rip'd the 4 sliders strait from Nightasy's Jane Body and I bring you the CBBE Rip (ie I rip'd the slider design's and names so Rip get it... yeah what ever)


So Anywho (or is that anyhow, what ever)... anywho there are now 5 sliders (4 in the "Single Sliders" section at the top and one in the "Full Body" sliders section just bellow the breast section).
They are:
Tone, Fitness, Fitness Detail, Muscle Definition, and Body Builder (yeah that last one is a combo of the other 4... Yoink)


Okay I've been reading Deadpole (and playing the video game so Yoink keeps popping into my head... that and Boobies)... But I digress


You can use each slider by itself or with the others or all at the same time (note with all 5 @ 100 it gets real like Steroid Roid Ragging Real).


And No I didn't include the Bombshell small breast and ass preset (its just the bombshell small ass preset with the breast slider moved from 100 down to 50).


Edit 1/17/16
Deleted the Muscle Rip file and replaced with CBBE (RIP).
Same thing but now it can be used as a reference when building a project in outfit studio: loaded reference data\tools\bodyslide\sliderset\cbbe (rip) (the 5 sliders are at the bottom at the reference shape is CBBE2.


Yeah if you leave the reference shape in it wants to pull the cbbe sliders from the \sliders\cbbe folder but if you create the package with a copy of cbbe and uncheck the copy ref into project it will generate all of the sliders into a single osd file...
Yes I could probably go thru the osp and change all the CBBE2 listings to CBBE and rename the mesh in the nif from CBBE2 to CBBE... but I'm lazy and want to move to something else.


Edit 1/19/16
Updated RIP to Version 1.1
Nothing new added I just fixed the wrist and neck seams for each of the 5 sliders.
Which I'll be honest I should have checked before I released this, but I was lazy (it happens).


Edit 10/12/2016
Uploaded a Test I call CBBE +2.
This is a simplified version of CBBE Rip in one slider and a Foot Angle Slider in the other slider to make a total of 2 sliders.
Slider 1 - Foot Angle... Is basically a copy of the UUNP foot angle slider I created for UUNP way back when now in FO4 on the CBBE body (cause reasons, and hopefully NiOverrides).
Slider 2 - Roid Rage... As the slider name implies, it combines all of the sliders from Rip into a single slider, I set the 100 at "Over the Top"... I wouldn't recommend anything over say 65 on the slider (in the 0 to 100).
And yes I made sure to mask the wrist and neck seam so that they do not move even if you take the slider to 100.
Base CBBE version I used was part of the "Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - v2.1-15-2-1.7z" download (so CBBE version 2.1 for FO4).
Now all we need are some good High heel conversions, a little NiOverride in F4SE (if its not there already... see how CBBE comes with Tri file options now it may well be... I really need to hit up Expired and Cell on LL's IRC and find out). Oh and this is base on CBBE 1.5/1.6/what ever the latest version is as of Oct 2016...


Now back to my Hermit Cave...

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What's New in Version Naughty


Hmmm... what happens if you mix TWB 3BBB and Animated Fannies?

Naughty TWB 3BBB


Should work with TWB presets and outfits, along with 3BBB CBBE bouncing bits... still a work in progress or reqress I'm not quite sure.

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