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Kzero91 Bestiality Animations

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About This File

Hey Guys


I'm not too long hobby animator and these are my bestiality sex animations I want to share with you, but don't expect anything perfect because around the topic of the animations tool Blender there is still a lot to learn and I'm just started ?.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you




Please read it before downloading so that you don´t wonder why something doesn´t work or is different than before.


First the good stuff


Now finally an up to date xml file for my animations completely after the example of CN on his wiki page.

-This brings some changes with it, the animations now start faster and generally run smoother than before, at least it feels that way.

-Also, some animations are now available for male sims that were previously only available for female sims just as a quick info and that it was mentioned.

-All animations are now in my opinion sensible and properly tagged.

-There are also now the DD Cum overlays that come into play with many animations.

-Pregnancies are now also possible, if you have allowed it in your DD settings.

-You can also finally customize the animations in the DD options as you like.


-The Pet on Pet animations works fine with every DD version


Now the not so good ones


For the AnimationsPack i had to create 2 versions once for DD V3.8 and V3.9 and once for DD V3.7 and older (but tested only V3.6 to V3.9)

Depending on which version of DD you use download the appropriate zip file, unzip it and put it as usual in the mod folder of sims. (If you don´t know which version you have, download the zip file for V3.8 and V3.9)


-You may need to select a tongue and for male sims a penis once during animation. If you don't know how to insert or change a cas part during an animation then you can find the instructions below.




DD V3.7 or older: here everything works except the correct sequence of the staged animations there is always randomly selected what comes next this is annoying but currently can not be changed, have CN reported the bug and hopefully he manages to fix it soon.


DD V3.8 and V3.9: here the staged animations do not work either. In addition, there are some problems with automatically selected CAS Parts so penises or tongue strapons etc. that is also the reason why there are now 2 versions because exactly that works in the older versions of DD but here unfortunately somehow not. But is also already CN reported. Most things you can select in your DD setting during the animation once. Instructions for this can be found below.

If the staged animations should work in the correct order for you, or you find bugs or whatever please let me know. I have tested forever but all possible errors can never be found alone.



Troubleshooting with missing CAS PARTs like Tongues Penises and Strapons


For my example, i take the missing tongue


to do this you have to click on the sim during an animation and click on DD


then click on Nudity


then on Select Body Parts (or on Select equipment if it is a strapon)


then on tongue


Then click on Assignment Method


then Use Global Settings and select a tongue 


and then close the windows and you should have the tongue equipped.







The ones marked in green are new animations or some have been added






Pussy Rub - Toilet F

Wake Up (1. Stage 1) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM

Fun in the Shower - Shower F/SDB

Asslick from Dog/Cat - Big Wall Mirrors F/SDB,CB 

Threesome Dom (2. Stage 6) - Floor F/F/LDM

Doggystyle (5. Stage 1) - Floor F/M/LDM, M/M/LDM, F/F/LDM, F/LDM, M/LDM




Fun with Cat - Lounge Chair F/CatMale

Dog Foot Humping - Toilet F/SDM




Handjob Dog (1. Stage 2) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM




Dog Pussy Lick - Toilet F /SDM

Cat Pussy Lick - Toilet F/CatMale

Dog and Cat Pussy Lick - Toilet F/CatMale/SDM

Deepthroat from Small Dog (1. Stage 3) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM

Throatfuck - Floor F/LDM

Suck and Lick - Lounge Chair F/CatMale

Threesome Dom (2. Stage 1) - Floor F/F/LDM

Threesome Dom (2. Stage 2) - Floor F/F/LDM

Threesome Dom (2. Stage 3) - Floor F/F/LDM

Need a Drink (3. Stage 1) - Lounge Chair F/LDM

Need a Drink on Cam (4. Stage 1) - Lounge Chair F/F/LDM




Fun with Small Dog - Lounge Chair F/SDM

Pussy Play with Pussy - Lounge Chair F/CatMale

Fun in the Hottub - Hottub F/SDM

Threesome Dom (2. Stage 4) - Floor F/F/LDM

Drunken and passed out - Floor F/SDM

Fuck the Dog - Double Bed M/SDM, F/SDF

Fuck the Cat - Double Bed M/CatFemale, F/CatFemale




Doggy Anal (1. Stage 4) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM

Threesome Dom (2. Stage 5) - Floor F/F/LDM

Doggystyle (5. Stage 2) - Floor F/M/LDM, M/M/LDM, F/F/LDM, F/LDM, M/LDM




Milking and Drinking (3. Stage 2) - Lounge Chair F/LDM

Milking and Drinking on Cam (4. Stage 2) - Lounge Chair F/F/LDM

Doggystyle (5. Stage 3) - Floor F/M/LDM, M/M/LDM, F/F/LDM, F/LDM, M/LDM



Pet on Pet Pack:


2x Large Dog M / Large Dog F

2x Small Dog M / Small Dog F

2x Cat M / Cat F 

1x Small Dog M / Large Dog F

1x Large Dog M / Small Dog F





Animations that i have already started that may or may not come next











Known bugs:


All animations can have clipping issues based on different breastsize feet, Pets Races and so on...









If you like my animations you can also have a look at my other animations.







Thanks to

TURBODRIVER, for his great tutorial here and of course for WickedWhims here

ColonolNutty, for Devious Desires here

bearlyAlive, for his IK-PET Animation Rigs here

Cherry_Pie for the Cherry_Pie Cum Mesh here






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Please read the description above

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