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  1. There's always time for more animations, problem is the lack of motivation. Also I'm currently pretty involved in RJW modding.
  2. You need to install an animation pack that contains those animations. But cats and small dogs are hard to animate so there aren't a lot out there. I made a few small dog animations and even fewer cat animations. I know Okami X Ningen made some involving small dogs too.
  3. The genital support is seperate, although if you already have race support you don't need it anymore
  4. That's not entirely accurate anymore, besides the harmony patch there's also another block deeper in the code if you're using the latest version. But if you scroll up, Ed86 posted the modified dll, that should make it run.
  5. I haven't looked at the LF code too much, just what I needed to enable RJW. But I'm currently working on his other mod and either the de-compiler really messed up, or there's some shit quality code here.
  6. Maybe, I haven't tried ED86's mod, I just removed the block myself with dnSpy.
  7. Better ask in the animation thread for help with animation. Or shoot me a PM.
  8. The gender balancing patch does still work. But since LF doesn't work with rimjobworld anymore, it has become pointless.
  9. Did you just make it work in 1.1 or did you change some of the logic as well? I was thinking of removing the resistance to pregnancy if you didn't already do that.
  10. Yeah I'm also looking into it. There's some weird stuff in there. For instance in the harmony patches is a check that runs whenever a hediff is applied and prevents a pregnancy hediff being applied to the sucubus.
  11. Please calm down and don't drag up issues that have been resolved over a year ago.
  12. Yep, IGNI completely broke RJW compatibility. The patch I've given out so far no longer works. So you can either learn to edit the part of the code that blocks RJW with dnSpy yourself or just move one from LF.
  13. IDK if it triggers for saves already in progress, it happened when I started a new world to test and it spawned a single armored and armed pawn. So nothing too dramatic bit still more than a match to freshly dropped colonists with space sickness.
  14. I glanced at the code and from what I gathered it should be consistent. Doesn't matter too much though, manually removing the parts from the code is easy enough with dnSpy. IGNI can suck it.
  15. Ah, I see it now. Yeah I was afraid of IGNI doing something like this, and patching that is too much effort.
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