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  1. Most likely a bad installation of either a Skin or body part.
  2. First of all, if you're going to post so many images, put it in a spoiler tag. Second, try it with the other animations listed in the description.
  3. 1. Lock the door for everyone except household 2. Use an adult mod if you want nudity. I recommend Devious Desires. 3. If you want to modify their outfit, I recommend using Outfit Customization. 4. Bound won't do anything if you didn't install the animations listed in the description.
  4. The problem isn't with DD, the problem is with WW, DD respects if a Sim is not available for sex. I recommend turning off WW autonomous sex.
  5. New version of Devious Desires released (v1.69): - Many changes and fixes - Devious Desires now requires at least version 1.52 of S4CL - Changed how animation customization files are loaded, the files are now loaded via a folder called "animation_customizations", putting multiple json files within there (with different names) will allow DD to load separate configurations for animations at a time. Keep in mind "main.json" will always overwrite anything else in that folder! - Changed the file structure a bit within "mod_data", I moved `mod_data/deviousdesires_animation_customizations.json` to `mod_data/animation_customizations/main.json` - When customizing animations and saving, your changes are now saved to "combined.json" - !!!!If you wish to keep your own personal customizations, please move your animation customization file AND rename it to something that IS NOT `main.json` or `combined.json`!!!!
  6. What do you mean by "properly"? 1. You need to have the Penis Milk Producer trait bought either in the rewards store or via the debug interaction to add it. 2. Your Sim needs to have built up at least 20 units of penis milk before they can be milked. 3. There are no animations and no milking apparatus for the penis. (I don't plan to have animations for mobile milkers, they'll stay rather simple). 4. You should start getting milk in your inventory after awhile.
  7. Check your settings, make sure you don't have Female Sims disabled in the Assault Allowance Settings.
  8. You don't HAVE to update if everything is working for you Those are not bad ideas.
  9. If you use my Custom Gender Settings mod, you may give them breasts.
  10. When does it occur? During WW sex? Try the test build available in my discord.
  11. Getting 20/30 error messages in game is not normal, you should provide your exception file for me to take a look at it. It boils down to the animations having incorrect tags, not that DD is reading them any different. You need to install a custom body for DD to assign a default penis to your Sim.
  12. When you milk a Sim it is added to their inventory automatically.
  13. If animation authors would add tags to their animations, we wouldn't need to figure out random things like this. Devious Desires provides many tags to alleviate this, but mod authors refuse to add them simply because I am the one asking them to add tags. If more people asked or even demanded animation authors to properly tag their animations, the world would be a much better place. Who cares who is asking you to add them, it is for the good of everyone! Their petty bias is hurting everyone. Note: Devious Desires doesn't just contain rape, zoophilia, and lactation, it contains normal sex too!
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