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  1. Sounds like a mod conflict with something in your Mods folder.
  2. 1. There are not very many animations for Cats specifically. I don't even know if there are any cat x cat animations either. 2. You need to click on the ground or on an object to start sex. There are no animations for the place you clicked on because you are clicking on the Sim.
  3. There is not currently a scan radius, it is completely random. Sims DO prefer to use objects located on their lots, BUT there is always a chance they will choose an object off the lot.
  4. When the WW mod author stops disrespecting animation authors that add support for Devious Desires, users who use my mods, and me, this may be a possibility. Until then, no. Sex is being reworked completely right now. The Minorlaser one is available on double beds. No and not currently. Devious Desires does not have Slaves. Sim Snatcher does not have sex. There is already a simple solution for not installing the Pet Features/CAS Parts/Interactions, don't install the pet feature package (deviousdesires_pets.package). The only way for it to appear in your g
  5. There is a test build available in my discord that fixes weird issues with overlays being applied at the very start of sex. DD does not modify nude parts during sex as of 1.73. If there is an issue with nude parts in WW sex, it is entirely on the WW side. Different parts are expected, DD does not care what parts you select in the WW body selector. If they don't add support for them for DD, they won't be used by DD. Raise the Accept Sex Threshold in the settings to something higher. Turn off Always Accept. Relationships in The Sims 4 are not one way, they are bid
  6. I never thought of animation genders that way before, thanks for pointing that out!
  7. What animation was it? Pets have to meet each other first otherwise weird things happen.
  8. I recommend doing Rough Sex, it does not give a sad buff.
  9. ALL of my mods have yet to break on any patches for the past year. Accepting of course the couple of minor bugs that occasionally spring up due to my own incompetence and not due to the patches.
  10. New version of DD released (v1.73): - New models - Potential new fix for flaccid WW sex (Please tell me if it works, this is probably the only real compatibility I'm willing to do currently) - Many other fixes and additions. Check the included changelog. - Devious Desires now requires at least version 1.55 of S4CL
  11. Do you have any lastexception.txt files? Do you have any files within The Sims 4/mod_logs?
  12. It has a support thread for asking questions! I recommend you ask there for any questions you may have.
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