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  1. SHIFT+CLICK on your Pet, Devious Desires -> Show Actor Info. What animation gender does it show for them? Is it correct?
  2. I just tested on a new game and apparently even at 100% the Human Sim won't give birth to a Pet. I'll have to look into this. Edit: Fixed in 1.30
  3. In the next version, I've added some possibly clearer messaging. Are you trying to get a Pet pregnant with a Human? or are you trying to get a Human pregnant with a Pet? Human Pregnant with Pet Chance = Chance a HUMAN gives birth to a Pet Pet Pregnant with Human Chance = Change a PET gives birth to a Human
  4. Wicked Whims and MCCC are not as open minded to Pet pregnancies. Thus, Hybrids are only possible via DD. I should probably update the tooltip so it doesn't say "Already has this trait" XD The way it works is that when you disable a Sim, it adds a Trait that flags them as disabled. When you reenable them, it removes that trait.
  5. I don't do it to be selfish, I do it because many interactions can break the animations. However, if you provide a list of menus you would like to see enabled, I can look into seeing if they can be enabled.
  6. Try updating your animation packages. Also, did you ensure you enabled DD Pets in the settings?
  7. dd.stopallanimations to stop all animations. dd.stopanimation to stop active Sim animation.
  8. Yep, it's the right link. The animation is called "forcedsuckingtits_FLOOR_01" You don't see a Messages.txt file?
  9. do "s4clib.enablelog dd_pregnancy" in the console (It should not say "no log found"). Try to get your Sim pregnant with a Pet. You should then have a log file containing the possible reasons for it failing. If it says "no log found", try getting your Sim pregnant, THEN try the steps above. You have to enable the DD Milk Farm features in the settings, like everything else. There is also some pre-setup, which I added to the description for Milk Farm. First thing you should check is for any exception/messages files. Otherwise, these steps may help locate the issue. https://github.com/ColonolNutty/Sims4CommunityLibrary/wiki/Troubleshooting-Mods-That-Use-S4CL
  10. Not yet. Maybe in the next update. Update S4CL 1. Uninstall Wicked Pets. 2. Update S4CL 3. https://github.com/ColonolNutty/Sims4CommunityLibrary/wiki/Troubleshooting-Mods-That-Use-S4CL#problem-reporting
  11. Devious Desires doesn't check for Wicked Whims and vice verse. I am still thinking of things I could do to prevent it on my end, because Turbo is unlikely to fix it on the side of WW.
  12. Autonomous Assault is still a thing, NPC Sims will still try to assault all other Sims if they "Want To Assault" the other Sim. The default threshold that I set may be too high, if you drop it a little, it may allow Assault to occur more frequently.
  13. If you are using Devious Desires however, I don't believe I have any code that prevents you from telling them to undress. Perform Interaction -> Undress Top/Bottom
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